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Review: Kiss Dry Skin Goodbye With Wolf Project’s Naturally-Based Sheet Mask

If there’s anything to note about skin, it’s that it becomes dryer than the Sahara once winter rolls around. Lathering that mug in the best moisturizer on a day-to-day basis becomes second nature to millions of folks across the globe, and for good reason. Who actually wants dry skin? No one.

While moisturizing daily is a great way to keep your skin hydrated as temps dip below 30-degrees, sometimes it isn’t enough. To beat extra-dry skin, I’ll personally throw on a hydrating face mask every so often to set the record straight with my face. You know, a way to tell my face, “you better stay supple, punk!”

Recently, I had the opportunity of laying on Wolf Project’s Hydrating Sheet Mask to see how it fared. As one of the most popular sheet masks for men on Amazon in 2022, there was a lot to consider after my at-home spa day. Were the ingredients up to par? Was it a pleasant experience? Did the sheet mask even work?

Well, follow along and see for yourself below.

At a Glance:

  • 5 masks per order
  • Hydrating sheet mask for men
  • Uses bamboo charcoal
  • Based on Korean skincare products
  • Great for all skin types
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

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Tyler Schoeber | SPY

What Makes It Different?

It seems like every face mask nowadays is claiming to solve every skincare-related problem in the book — dryness, redness, itchiness, breakouts, wrinkles, fine lines. In a perfect world, that would be ideal. But we aren’t living in a perfect world.

Wolf Project is super straightforward about what their Hydrating Sheet Masks can do. It’s not a one-size-fits-all panacea for every skin ailment under the sun. Rather, Wolf Project says their mask is designed to accomplish three very specific goals:

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  • Hydrate your skin
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Provide an instant glow

Designed to be used for 15 minutes at a time, this Korean-style sheet mask uses charcoal made from bamboo, humectant glycerine, niacinamide and vitamin B3.

Unlike many face masks on the market, Wolf Project developed this mask to address men’s specific skincare needs. It’s a lot larger than your typical mask and uses slits throughout the edges to better fit bigger faces. You know, because some of us dudes are rocking extra-large mugs. Wolf Project gets it.


My Experience

When I do my face masks, I do my face masks. That means don’t talk to me for 15-minutes. I’m lying down, and I’m having my me-time with my eyes closed. TTYL. So, for my experience with Wolf Project, I did what I always do.

I started by rinsing off my face with lukewarm water and patting dry with a paper towel. (I prefer using paper towels solely because hand towels freak me out. Rather germy, right?)

I headed over to my room, ripped the packaging open and tried my best to undo the mask without tearing it. I will say, this mask felt a little more delicate than what I’m used to, so I was extra careful. Once I got it out, I threw it on my face, tried pressing it into my beard as best as possible (which never, ever works) and laid down on my bed.

One detail I found specifically striking was the color. It’s always alluring to see something in such a deep black tone. It automatically made me think to myself, “Yeah, this mask feels like the real deal.”

To top my me-time off, I told my Amazon Echo, “Alexa, play rain sounds and set a 15-minute timer,” so I could relax in peace as New York City car honks and 20-something skater boys zoomed past my second-floor apartment.

Once my 15-minutes was over, I peeled the mask off my now-damp skin and headed to the sink for another rinse. That post-mask rinse gel take-off is my favorite. Once I looked in the mirror, I noted how tight my face looked. I’m not at the age where I see too many wrinkles as of yet, but something about my face in the mirror looked rejuvenated. I definitely achieved the “instant glow” Wolf Project promises, and I loved the way I looked immediately following the mask.

Additionally, it wasn’t hard to notice how moisturized my skin felt. It was as if I layered and layered (and layered some more) of my go-to moisturizer on my skin without leaving any greasy after-feel. It was all absorbed entirely.


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Tyler Schoeber | SPY

Is Wolf Project’s Hydrating Sheet Mask Worth It?

Like I said initially, I’m not a super consistent user of face masks; I’m more of an every-couple-of-weeks kind of guy. I’ve noticed that Wolf Project’s Hydrating Sheet Mask is really gentle to the skin compared to other random sheet masks I’ve used.

Most of the other sheet face masks I’ve used are those fast-acting “fix my breakout” types, but I’ve reconsidered this preference after testing the Wolf Project sheet mask. Face masks can be fast-acting, yes, but now I think they should also be used as resets, not fixers.

Wolf Project made it feel like I brought my skin back to square one, which I appreciated. No, it didn’t clear every pimple on my face, but it did refresh and recharge my skin in a nearly effortless manner.

Plus, there are so few sheet masks dedicated to male skincare. As a brand built for men (and as well-reviewed as it is on Amazon), Wolf Project was a great addition to my skincare regimen.


The Verdict: This Is THE Sheet Mask for Men

Ultimately, men don’t have as many skincare options as women do. In the sheet mask department, this is the best option specifically for men, and it’s a great pick for guys looking for men’s skincare products that will hydrate and refresh their skin.

So Should You Buy It?

Yes! A 5-pack of these masks will cost you only $25 total, and in my experience, it’s worth it.


  • Super moisturizing
  • Great for older guys fighting wrinkles
  • Absorbs into the skin quickly
  • Larger than most sheet masks
  • Uses natural ingredients


  • Very delicate

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What Are Some Alternatives to Consider?

Although there aren’t too many specifically male-geared sheet masks available for purchase online, there still are some worth taking a deeper look into. In addition, some of the best men’s sheet masks also use bamboo charcoal, although they can’t quite compete with Wolf Project on price. If you’re looking for more great skincare face masks, check them out below.

1. Bro Mask

Bro Mask is another highly-rated Korean face mask for men that uses a powerful hydrogel to keep your skin feeling fresh. It will leave your face with a more youthful glow and costs $28 total for four sheets. Like Wolf Project, Jaxon Lane uses natural ingredients.

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Courtesy of Amazon


2. Cardon Face Mask

We’ve been looking at Cardon as a solid men’s skincare brand for a bit now, but little did we know, they also create a face mask specifically geared toward bearded men. This Korean sheet mask is a bamboo charcoal mask that uses beard oil to hydrate your facial hair. It’s built to hydrate your skin and leave it feeling nourished and tight.

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Courtesy of Amazon