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Skechers Are Collabing With Diane Von Furstenberg, And The Sneakers Look Incredible

Skechers have gone ahead and partnered with the legendary fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg to put together some stunning sneakers and clothes. The collection is centred around DVF’s iconic lip icon, and each item is sure to make the owner very happy, a little bit more stylish, and more comfortable.

Diane von Furstenberg has a long list of accomplishments to her name, including a very popular designer brand, but she’s also known as the creator of the wrap dress. She’s a very big deal in fashion, and she represents another big win for Skechers as they see a continuous rise in interest thanks to things like Pickleball and Super Bowl ads.

The collaboration has only just gone live on the Skechers website, and while there are some nice clothes there, we know that people generally go to Skechers for what they’re really good at, and that’s shoes. So, we’ve listed the options below.

First up we have the Uno. This pink sneaker has a singular kiss on it in DVF style, has a visible Skech-Air airbag in the midsole, and memory foom air-cooled cushions on the inside to keep your feet chill, even if you’re sweating.

We really like the slightly understated vibe on these. They’re still showing off a nice mix of colors, and the DVF lip print, but it’s a bit more subtle. Expect the same level of comfort that Skechers are well-known for too. These aren’t just to look at.

If you love the idea of sneakers covered in kisses then, well, here you go. The print is, of course, the iconic style from DVF, and there can be no doubt who you’re representing with these. They’re going to be comfortable and stay cool too, which is always nice.

Not everyone wants a new sneaker, so how about a sandal? This sandal lovingly shows off the iconic DVF lip print and doesn’t just look good, but will be intensely comfortable thanks to Hyper Burst cushioning.