Drive Smart and Save 20% on This Rotating Universal Smartphone Holder for Cars via Amazon Prime

Amazon Basics Universal Smartphone Holder
Courtesy of Amazon

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Cab drivers, music lovers, frequent travelers by car, chronic in-car phone call takers: you’re all missing something. Can you think of what it is? We’ll give you a hint: it sticks onto your car’s air conditioning unit.

That’s right. Why aren’t you going hands-free when checking directions, switching songs or taking calls? It’s time you get yourself the Amazon Basics Universal Smartphone Holder. And, yeah, right now you can get it for a solid 20% off. How’s that on savings?

This is one of the top Amazon deals of the moment, and we don’t know how long it will last.

Amazon Basics Universal Smartphone Holder Courtesy of Amazon

When it comes to your phone, you should absolutely be going hands-free in the car. It’s a much safer way to access your phone when driving and diminishes the need to reach down and search for your phone the second you get a call. And, because texting and driving is banned in 48 states (as well as DC), looking down to pick up your phone isn’t even slightly worth it for that meaty fine.

Plus, ridding your phone from your side when behind the wheel can diminish the potential for serious car accidents, including ones in which lives might be lost.

Amazon Basics Universal Smartphone Holder Courtesy of Amazon

The Amazon Basics Universal Smartphone Holder is a solution to all of your phone-related needs when driving. It can fit any smartphone you have and has the ability to grip any car AC unit (aside from circular vents). Sidearms are adjustable to hold your phone tightly no matter how many bumps you go over. It even swivels if you want to use the phone in landscape mode.

Right now, you can get the Amazon Basics Universal Smartphone Holder for 20% off, placing it at just over $11. Only $11 to rid of a ticket and potentially save your life? Sounds like a no-brainer.