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This $30 Car Diagnostic Scanner Is Like Having Cheat Codes for Your Car

Most Amazon shoppers have no idea that the retailer has a list of daily coupon codes and special promotions, which can be a great way to find the day’s best Amazon deals. (We’re always searching for new deals, and we’re happy to share tips of the trade with our readers.) This week, you can find a coupon for one of the best-selling auto code readers on Amazon, the ANCEL AD310 Car Scanner.

For a limited time, you can purchase the ANCEL diagnostic car scanner for just $29.74. This is a 26% reduction from its regular retail price of $39.99, making this the perfect time to order a top-rated diagnostic scanner. This auto scanner has been rated by almost 30,000 Amazon shoppers, and it has an overall 4.6-star rating. Better yet, if you purchase it with other qualifying ANCEL products, then you can save an additional 10%.

The ANCEL AD310 Car scanner is a universal OBD-II scanner. OBD-II refers to the on-board diagnostics system built into all cars sold in the United States. When a warning light or check engine light appears on your dashboard, you simply plug this scanner into your vehicle and it can instantly look up the associated OBD-II code.

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About the ANCEL AD310 Car Scanner

This diagnostic scanner is incredibly easy to operate:

  • Locate your vehicle’s OBD-II port. Check your vehicle’s manual to locate the port, but it can often be found by checking for panels below your dashboard.
  • Simply plug the scanner into the OBD-II port and follow the prompts on the scanner.

The ANCEL diagnostic car scanner could potentially save you money and time by preventing wasted trips to the mechanic or dealership. We know how stressful it can be when that “Check Engine” warning light appears on your dashboard, but with a simple handheld scanner like this, you can often troubleshoot car issues on your own. According to ANCEL, the AD310 model works effectively on most US-based cars made after 1996, when the OBD-II specification was made standard. It should also work on most 2000 and after EU-based and Asian model cars, as well as newer OBD-II vehicles. With OBD scanners like this, you can detect and diagnose issues associated with the check engine light.

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The ANCEL AD310 Car Scanner also gives users the ability to erase many codes after diagnosis and troubleshooting are complete. The large LCD display makes it easy to view results and identify error codes. Finally, this scanner doesn’t require batteries or chargers to operate, as it powers up directly from the OBD-II data link connector in your vehicle. Again, the Ancel diagnostic car scanner is only $29.74 today. 

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Courtesy of Amazon

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