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At-Home Car Wash: 6 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean Inside and Out

* Keep your car, RV and trucks looking and smelling like new
* Maintain your car in the comfort of your own home
* Save time and money with these easy-to-use accessories

Between dealing with the elements like rain, sun, snow and wind, your car’s daily (and inevitable) interaction with dust, food and other debris makes it especially tricky to uphold its sparkling clean exterior and interior.

Now you can do your part and ensure your whip’s cleanliness anytime, anywhere without expensive services or time-consuming car washes thanks to these 6 easy-to-use car cleaning products. Keep them close by — in your trunk or garage — and be prepared for any messes that come your car’s way.

1. Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes by Tub O Towels

Gentle on hands, tough on grease and dirt. Quickly and easily clean your car interior or exterior while preventing your hands from getting dry and cracked with these vitamin E and aloe-infused wipes. Tub O Towels’ Bond Buster Technology means you can remove dirt and stains from all types of vehicles — think coffee spills, crayons, scuff marks, wine, food and nail polish.


2. Reach and Clean Tool by Invisible Glass

Keep your car window and windshield streak-free with this ergonomic, long reach handle cleaning tool. Ideal for cars, trucks, vans, RVs and boats, you’ll be able to keep your car spotless without the awkward straining. Includes 2 washable and reusable microfiber cleaning bonnets and mesh storage bag.

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3. Car Trash Can by Mainly Auto

From candy wrappers to empty coffee cups, clear the clutter in your car with this discreet Car Trash Can from Mainly Auto. The easy to access flip top lid conceals trash in a stylish design that’s made from high-quality, heavy-duty rip-stop nylon pack cloth.


4. Car Air Purifier by Sollievo

Small, sleek and portable, the USB Car Air Purifier from Sollievo will instantly remove pollen, dust and bacteria along with odors like cigarettes, for a fresh, clean smelling car you and your passengers will enjoy. Toss it in your purse or computer bag and pop it in your car for a refreshing after-the-rain scent anytime.


5. Portable Wet & Dry Car Vacuuum by Reserwa

Thoroughly clean hard-to-reach places in your car including food, drinks, dirt and pet hair to keep your vehicle looking like new with this portable vacuum’s extended 14.7 feet power cord and three different mouth pieces.


6. Wash All Car Wax by Aero Cosmetics

Clean and protect your car with this non-stick UV protective car wax from Aero Cosmetics. Use as a waterless wax or simply spray and wipe dry for quality cleaning on-the-go. The kit includes 1 full gallon, 1 full 16 oz spray bottle, 1 mini bug scrubber, 4 microfiber towels, a product guide and easy instruction manual.

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