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Keep Your Vehicle Neat and Trash-Free With These Automotive Wastebaskets

While maybe not at the top of your wish list, automotive wastebaskets, or garbage cans for the car, can readily come in handy. Whether embarking on a long road-trip or riding with friends, family and especially kids, these generously-sized trash bins will keep your car organized and trash-free.

We have listed below some of the best automotive wastebaskets we could find that can serve multiple purposes. These bins are all made from a rugged and durable fabric for easy cleaning, are waterproof and leak-proof and take standard size, disposable plastic bags.

With their universal size, these wastebaskets can fit in every type of vehicle imaginable from cars, trucks, and SUVs to RVs, boats, and trailers. As mentioned above, these garbage cans are multi-functional and in addition to keeping your vehicle trash-free, they can be used as storage bags for toys, phones, and accessories. Some even have insulated, waterproof and thermal features and can serve as your very own roadie cooler to store and keep food or drinks cool for hours.

1. Drive Auto Products Car Garbage

The Car Garbage by Drive Auto Products is the ultimate automotive wastebasket. In a new XL size, this large capacity wastebasket is made from rugged Oxford fabric with reinforced padded walls, mesh side pockets and a loose-fitting lid. Grocery bag friendly, this wastebasket takes any standard size plastic bag and has proprietary side clamps on each end that holds them firmly in place. Because of its waterproof and thermal features, the Drive Bin XL can also act as a cooler for you to store food or drinks without having to worry about a mess.

Pros: Every Drive Bin XL comes with a 10-piece starter pack of disposable and recyclable liners featuring the company logo.

Cons: There is no snap, or latch to keep the lid securely closed.

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2. Lusso Grill Car Trash Can

The Lusso Gear Car Trash Can will keep your vehicle trash-free whenever and wherever you go. Easy to install, empty and clean, simply mount or hang this trash bin anywhere in any vehicle. It holds over 2.5 gallons worth of trash and includes a vinyl leak-proof, removable and washable trash liner for odor-free use and mess-free cleaning. It also includes hooks for holding your own optional disposable bags inside the wastebasket for even more convenience.

Pros: Use this trash can for additional storage as it includes three small pockets that you can use as an organizer for your phone, charging cable or any other small gadget you may have.

Cons: This does not come with its own fitted disposable trash bags.

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3. KMMotors Jopps Car Garbage

The Jopps Car Garbage by KMMotors is a leakproof trash bag that helps keep your car clean and tidy. It has a large, 1.85-gallon capacity and adjustable straps that are long enough to fit around anything in the car. It is made from durable oxford cloth that provides maximum strength and longevity and can double as a storage bag for toys, drinks or any important documents.

Pros: Any size trash bags will fit.

Cons: There is no cover on this trash can.

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