If Your Car Didn’t Come With a Back-Up Camera, You Can Easily Hack It Yourself

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Have a hard time parallel parking? What about backing out of your garage? Develop a deep sweat when it’s time to get in your car and ease out of your space in a busy parking lot? Join the club. While most new(er) cars now come with built-in rearview cameras, older models don’t offer this luxury. Fortunately, we live in the age of technology, and with a little digging and the bare minimum of DIY skills, you can find easy-to-install car cameras to help navigate through any type of terrain. In fact, the best backup cameras are both easy to install and come with all of the hardware you need to start reversing with confidence.

Back-up cameras and cameras on the front of cars not only make driving more manageable, but they also make it safer. By giving drivers a clear view of their front, back and blindspots, these rear and dash cameras will provide you with a sense of calm and awareness you might not have without them. Pulling into tight spaces no longer has to be an Olympic sport, with high-quality waterproof cameras providing a bright and detailed look at your surroundings.

For those who have new cars with back-up cameras, buying an external camera can still have benefits. Attaching an extra back-up camera to a trailer or boat means no more driving blind when it’s time to back into a tight spot. The best backup camera kits make it easy to see where you’re going, no matter what’s behind you or how old your car is.

One thing to keep in mind, not all of the rear backup cameras featured below come with dashboard video monitors. If you don’t already have a display screen, then you’ll want to look for a kit that comes with cameras and a display screen. Either way, we’re confident you’ll find the best backup cameras for your vehicle in our shopping guide below.

If you’re looking for an extra set of eyes while you drive, here are the best rearview cameras that work with just about any type of car.

1. LeeKooLuu HD 720p Back-Uup Camera and Monitor Kit

Get everything you need to safely back up with the LeeKooLuu HD 720p Back-Up Camera and Monitor Kit. The LeeKooLuu’s small but powerful IP69 waterproof camera can be installed when the car is in reverse gear by connecting to the reverse lights. Positioned just about the license plate, the LeeKooLuu camera has six white LED lights to provide a 149-degree view both day and night. The camera can also be placed on the front of the car to provide a forward-facing view. The best backup camera kits come with everything you need, and the LeeKooLuu also includes a 4.3-inch dashboard monitor with a magnetic bracket that can be rotated 360 degrees.

Pros: The LeeKooLuu allows users to adjust the width of the parking lines in view, moving them left, right, up or down to provide the perfect fit for each parking space.

Cons: The LeeKooLuu’s monitor is not the largest on our list.

LeeKooLuu HD 720P Backup Camera and Monitor Kit Image courtesy of Amazon

2. TOGUARD Back-Up Camera

For a large view of where you’re going and where you’ve been, we recommend this camera. The Toguard comes with a seven-inch IPS touch-screen that includes 1080p recording through the front camera and a 480p waterproof camera in the back. The Toguard comes with a Parking Monitor, which will automatically turn on and record when parking if a collision is detected, which can be used as evidence in case of an accident. The Toguard easily allows users to choose from five view modes, including full-screen display, picture-in-picture display, or it can be used as a regular rearview mirror.

Pros: If the rearview camera is correctly connected using the reversing light, putting the car in reverse will automatically switch the view on the monitor to a full view of the rear of the car.

Cons: The rearview camera is somewhat bulky and not as discrete as other models.

TOGUARD Backup Camera Image courtesy of Amazon

3. BOSCAM Backup Camera Kit

If you’re looking to avoid rewiring the inside of your car, Boscam’s wireless backup camera is one of the best options on our list. This more expensive kit features a dash-mounted LCD monitor that connects to the rear camera wirelessly. The monitor is 5 inches, which is large enough to clearly see while reversing but small enough to not take up too much space on your dashboard. It suits different cars as well, because the angle of the camera is adjustable.

Pros: Easy wireless installation. Includes dash-mounted monitor. Features video guidelines that can be turned off as well.

Cons: More expensive than some other options.

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4. NATIKA Back-Up Camera

This waterproof backup camera from NATIKA is a highly compact option that can be placed on a variety of spots on the rear of your car. At its widest dimensions, it’s only 1.06 inches, so it’ll be completely out of sight. It’s available in three colors to suit your car’s finish — you can get in black, white or chrome. It comes with everything needed to install, including clamps, nuts, gaskets, extension wire and tape. It’s worth noting that unlike other options, this one does not come with a screen. It’s intended to connect to your car’s existing screen.

Pros: Very compact size. High def enough for day and night use. Comes with a complete installation kit. Available in three colors. IP69K waterproof rated.

Cons: Display screen not included, so it’s not suitable for very old cars.

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5. RAAYOO 2-in-1 Rear View Camera

This compact camera is a good option for cars that have display screens but no rearview camera — the camera is included, but unlike some other options, there’s no monitor. The included brackets allow it to be mounted in two different ways; it can be flush for a streamlined look or mounted on a bracket for a greater vantage. The camera has an extra-wide 170-degree view to better see where you’re going. All of the necessary installation equipment is included as well.

Pros: Compact option, can be mounted in different ways to suit your needs. Display view can be straight or mirrored.

Cons: Monitor not included.

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6. DoHonest HD Digital Wireless Back-Up Camera System

For a fast install, try the HD Digital Wireless Back-Up Camera System. The waterproof camera included in the DoHonest kit can be installed above the license plate to send wireless transmission signals to the five-inch LCD monitor. The camera provides high resolution with 180 meters of acceptance range in open areas. The wireless range is 600 feet in open areas and between 30 to 40 feet on a vehicle with reverse use.

Pros: Customers can toggle between five functions, including on/off guidelines, flipped images for mirrored, facing, horizontal and vertical flip, and they can adjust the width/length/downward angle for guidelines.

Cons: Vehicles under 40 feet can use high-speed driving observation, but vehicles under 65 feet can only use the camera during slow-speed driving and reversing.

HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Rohent HD Back-Up Camera

This option from Rohent includes an HD camera and a display screen, making it a good option for any car that may not have a screen at all. The camera is mounted to a bracket that mounts to the top of the license plate, similar to a license plate frame. The monitor has a 4.3-inch screen, and it can be used to control and adjust the settings. The monitor also has guidelines on the screen to help make parking easier. Finally, the camera itself is IP69 waterproof rated.

Pros: Included display monitor, camera and mounting bracket. Display monitor includes guidelines to make parking easier.

Cons: Camera is somewhat bulky and can partially obstruct the state portion of the license plate, although it won’t obstruct the numbers.

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8. eRapta ERT01 Backup Camera

This basic option from eRapta is affordable and designed to be easy to install. It has a bracket that mounts to the screws that hold your license plate in place. It also comes with the accessories needed to wire it. The camera features guidelines, making it easier to park  The monitor is not included, so it’s best suited for cars that have screens but no cameras.

Pros: Affordable. Mounting equipment included.

Cons: Monitor not included.

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9. Atokit License Plate Frame Backup Camera

This back up camera includes a license plate frame that attaches to all four points on a license plate, rather than just the top two. This makes for a more secure hold. It’s also a good option to use at night, thanks to the row of eight LED lights next to the camera that offer a more clear and picture than some IR cameras do. A monitor is not included with this kit.

Pros: Bright LEDs for night time use. Frames the entire license plate for a secure hold.

Cons: Monitor isn’t included.

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10. AMTIFO A2 Backup Camera

This option securely mounts to the top two screws on the license plate, and a 4.3″ monitor is included with the camera, which can be mounted to the dashboard or windshield. There are two different ways to install the camera, depending on the hardware your car has. You can use the cigarette port or mount through the 4-pin connector. Either option requires some wiring work.

Pros: Affordable option that includes a monitor. Customizable settings include brightness, contrast and guidelines.

Cons: Wiring is somewhat delicate.

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