The 5 Best Car Bras for Better Protecting Your Ride

Car Bra
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Okay, there’s a good chance you never thought you were going to hear this from anyone, but, you need a bra. No, for real, you need a bra. A car bra.

Did we fool you? We know, we’re clever. Car bras have been around since the early 1960s as a frontal canvas for your vehicle in order to protect the exterior from flying gravel, rain and snow, debris, bird crap and any other anti-car monstrosity this world has to offer. The bra itself protects your vehicle from any scrapes and scratches, saving you money in the long-run from paint jobs and upkeep.

While this standalone object is more or less something you probably never knew you needed, it’s worth it to have in the long run — especially if your car is your baby. Keep her clean and looking fresh with one of the best car bras you can snag online now.


1. LeBra Car Bra


The LeBra car bra is a fully customizable front end cover option designed for a perfect fit no matter the car you drive. It’s designed in two-pieces, so there’s no fuss whenever you have to pop the hood. By accommodating all frontal lights, no light becomes blocked or dimmed from the cover itself. You can install this yourself in just a couple minutes with zero need for tools making it easier for you and rids the need of a mechanic. Made from durable as hell high-end leather vinyl, we’re wondering why you’re still reading this —s nag yours now.

LeBra Car Bra Courtesy of Car Covers USA


2. Colgan Custom Original Car Bra


Similarly to the LeBra car bra, the Colgan car bra is designed to hug your vehicle’s exact contour no matter what you’re driving, ensuring a snug, sleek overall look. It’s made of double-thick UV-coated lining that protects your car for years on end. Though this car bra is super snug, moisture caught underneath between the car and bra can easily escape due to paint-safe flannel lining. You can also get this bad boy with or without a license plate cutout, depending on your state laws.

Colgan Custom Original Car Bra Courtesy of AutoAnything


3. Camaro NoviStretch Front Bra


Though the NoviStretch front car bra isn’t the prettiest pick we have to offer, it’s an excellent protective option that’s great for newer Camaros. This car bra is designed from a heavy-duty, breathable mesh allowing for a secure, contoured fit without damaging any clear-coat paint from chaffing. It’s as easy to take off as it is to throw on, unlike your classic leather vinyl car bra. Because it’s so easily removable, it’s also easy to clean and dries in a jiffy.

Camaro NoviStretch Front Bra Courtesy of Amazon


4. Coverking Car Bra


Coverking’s car bra is an excellently crafted custom car bra that can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Like our first two choices, it can be designed to snugly fit any make and model, even models that have pop-up headlights, fog lights, and other features deemed awkward for most car bras. Protect your car no matter what the roads are like or what Mother Nature has to offer with this easy to install creation.

Coverking Car Bra Courtesy of AutoAnything


5. FIA VS302 Universal Bra Style Bug Screen


The FIA VS302 car bra bug screen is made from heavy-duty, untearable mesh that protects your car not only from bugs but also debris and stone chips too. While it fits most cars, this car bra can also fit right on your outdoor grill to keep it safe from weathering and paint chipping. Stylistically speaking, this car bra isn’t the nicest to look at, but it does get the job done.

FIA VS302 Universal Bra Style Bug Screen Courtesy of Amazon