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This Affordable Jump Starter is a Must-Have For Every Car

Car issues are an inevitable fact of life, but even if you have a roadside assistance membership, waiting for the mechanic or tow truck can be a huge hassle. Boy Genius Report has found an multifunction jump starter that doubles as a flash light in emergencies. Find out more from BGR and shop below:

From BGR:
There are some deals you would have to be crazy not to take advantage of, and this is one of them. Amazon is running a deal of the day on Saturday that drops the

to its lowest price ever, and this is a device that should be in every car. Whether you have an old beat-up car that’s 15 years old or a brand new luxury car, things happen and batteries die.

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When they do, you’re stranded unless you can find someone to jump start your car. Most people don’t even carry jumper cables anymore, so the odds of you actually being able to find someone are slim. Even if you have AAA or roadside assistance from your car company, you’re stuck sitting there — without heat or AC — unless the tow truck gets there. OR… you could connect this portable jump starter to your battery and be up and running again in 60 seconds.

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