Protect Your Vehicle From Messy Passengers — Whether They’re Pets or People — With These Car Seat Covers

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Beyond just getting to and from work, a truck can be a great way to explore the great outdoors. Trucks can get you to and from the hiking trail or the base camp. But just because they’re great for getting to the outdoors, that doesn’t mean you want to bring the outdoors in. Mud, dirt, and moisture can get caked on the floor of your car, your seats, and in a bunch of other hard to clean places. Taking care of your interior (and warding off unpleasant smells) starts with investing in floor mats. Once you do that, you should also seriously consider investing in seat covers.

Whether you drive a big truck or compact coupe, many car seat covers are made to have a universal fit. That means that you can protect your front seat from coffee spills, mud, pet hair, and whatever else you might drag in from the outside. There are some covers that can be used to protect the backseat of your car, too. Back seat protectors are a solid investment if you frequently have passengers in your car, especially if you’re a Lyft or Uber driver. If you’re on the fence about that, consider the recent study that found that the backseat of a rideshare has more germs than the average toilet seat or taxi cab. There are also covers that are specifically designed to protect against pets.

So, whether you want a seat cover for your off-road adventures or you just need to protect your car from the gross germs of the big city, these are some of the best options available right now. Best of all, most of them are not too expensive. Protecting your car from a year’s worth of lattes might just set you back the cost of a week’s worth of lattes.


1. Leader Accessories Faux Leather Front Seat Cover

If you have leather seats, you might not want to cover them with cheaper looking fabric. That’s why this pick from Leader Accessories is a great option. It has the classic leather look of a luxury car, but it’s actually made from easy to clean synthetic leather. The cover also protects the seat from all sides. There’s a separate sleeve for the head, and the cover goes around the backrest and seat portion. The backrest cover also covers the side of the seat that faces the passengers. That makes it good for children who might be prone to putting their feet against the seats. There’s also a pocket that faces the rear passenger side, so you won’t be limiting your storage, either.

Pros: Stylish looking faux-leather cover that offers full protection, including the headrest, backrest, seat, and rear-passenger facing side of the seat. Designed to not block side airbags.

Cons: Vinyl material may get grippy in hot weather.

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2. Gorla Premium Universal Fit Waterproof Seat Cover

For a more comfortable fabric option, this pick from Gorla has a simple look that will match any interior. You can also choose between black, beige, or gray. These covers are designed to have a universal fit, and the cover consists of a single piece with a sleeve that fits over the headrest to hold the cover in place. The neoprene material means it won’t stick to you when it’s hot or you’re sweaty, while still offering more waterproof protection than you would get from fabric covers. As a bonus, a matching seatbelt cover is included to cover the portion of the seatbelt strap that covers your shoulder.

Pros: Neoprene material protects you from stains and spills, while still being comfortable and non-sticky compared with vinyl, nylon, or leather seats.

Cons: Edges can curl somewhat over time.

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3. Black Panther Luxury PU Leather Car Seat Cover

Most of the damage you can do to your car seat will happen to the seat portion, rather than the backrest or headrest. So if you’re just looking for something to protect that part of the seat, this pick from Black Panther is a good option. It comes in a variety of colors, including black, gray, beige, and a particularly luxurious wine option. It’s made from faux leather, and the top has a nice triangle pattern. The bottom has a non-slip silicone grip, and there’s even a small pocket. The cover is designed to fit the front seat of most kinds of vehicles.

Pros: Sophisticated synthetic leather look that is available in a variety of colors. Easy to clean, and offers a nearly universal fit.

Cons: Only covers the bottom of the seat. May be too small for larger SUV seats.

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4. Meadowlark Car Seat Cover for Dogs

This option from Meadowlark is specifically made with pet owners in mind. It’s designed to fit over the front seat (passenger side, since dogs don’t drive). The top is made from a waterproof PVC material that resists scratches, hair, and moisture. Underneath that top layer is a soft fabric so that your pup will still be comfortable. The protector is designed to go over the seat, backrest, and headrest portion of the car. There are also long side flaps that protect the sides of the seat. The protector has several side-release buckles that clasp to the reverse side of the seat for a secure hold.

Pros: Good option for pets, soft waterproof material that covers the sides of the seats, the seat, the headrest, and the backrest. Machine washable. It comes with a seatbelt leash for your pet.

Cons: Waterproof material is somewhat slick, meaning a seated pet could slide around on the seat.

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5. AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Back Bench Seat Cover Protector for Pets

If you prefer that your pup stick to the backseat and not the front, this option from AmazonBasics covers bench-style back seats. It’s basically a large rectangular piece of waterproof fabric that covers the seat and backrest portions of the rear seats. It has two straps that clip around the headrests to keep it in place. Additionally, there are two slots along the middle of the cover that are designed to align with the seatbelt clips, allowing you to buckle the seats if there are any human passengers in the back.

Pros: Simple and affordable pet seat cover for the rear seats, made from waterproof polyester material. Slots in the cover allow you to access the seatbelt clips.

Cons: Slick material makes it hard for a pet to grip the seats.

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6. IVICY Car Seat Cover Protector Cushion

This option does not cover as much of the seat as some of the options, but its shape and size offer a more universal fit compared with some of the more fitted covers. There are two models, including the ones “with wings.” These are slightly more expensive, but they offer better protection because they cover the raised sides of the seat, rather than just the middle. The material is a soft and comfortable quilted synthetic suede. Color options include beige, black, and gray.

Pros: Comfortable and soft material that provides a near-universal fit. Fits securely without too much sliding.

Cons: Doesn’t offer as much coverage for the sides of the seat.

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7. Big Ant Car Seat Cushion, 2PC

A good option for those looking for basic protection is this pick from Big Ant. It’s designed to protect just the seat portion of a car seat, rather than the backrest or headrest. The synthetic leather material has a perforated design, which helps it be more breathable and allow some moisture to escape. On top of being protective, the seat cushion is also padded, so it’ll be more comfortable for long rides. It’s a two-pack, allowing you to cover both front seats.

Pros: Good value, as it includes matching covers for both front seats. The synthetic leather material is padded, making it comfortable and protective. Available in tan, black, or brown.

Cons: Doesn’t cover the backrest, straps may be hard to secure with some cars.

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