Get Rid of Dirt, Stains and Scratches With These Universal Car Seat Protectors

best car seat protector
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Whether you want to prevent scratches or stains on your upholstery, or you simply travel frequently with pets in your car, a car seat protector will extend the life of your seats. Not to mention it will help you avoid excessive wear and tear that leads to spending a small fortune on new seats!

Featured below are three of the best car seat protectors that are must-haves for all car owners. In addition to being reliable and comfortable, they will protect your car’s upholstery from most anything you can throw at them. Durable materials and construction, thick foam padding and aesthetically pleasing designs are all reasons why these protectors should find their way into your vehicle.

Other advantages to incorporating a car seat protector into your life include accessible, built-in storage pockets that can help keep your car clean and organized, their universal fit for all vehicles and heat resistance that can withstand heated seats and sweltering summers.


1. Drive Auto Products Car Seat Protector (2-Pack)

The Car Seat Protector by Drive Auto Products is made from extra-thick foam padding to provide the maximum protection against indents and even has optional flaps for wider side coverage. The protector is heat resistant to over 500 degrees and is guaranteed to work with heated seats and protect against hotter summers. An optimized, extra-wide shape, upper headrest straps and large thread count to help extend the life span of your seat protector are all standard and give this luxe-looking car seat protector our seal of approval.

Pros: You have the option of increasing the protector seat size with detachable side flaps which offer 1.5 times more width than the average seat protector.

Cons: There is only one color option.

car seat protector drive auto products Courtesy of Amazon


2. Whew Car Seat Protector (2-Pack)

These Car Seat Protector by Whew are large and ergonomically designed to fit your seats perfectly, protecting and keeping them looking brand new. Made with thick filler, durable waterproof Oxford fabric, and a PVC leather to strengthen the edges, this cover also allows you to easily wipe up any liquid spills or muck from the seat. An anti-slip backing keeps the protector securely in place for extra grip while a quick-release adjustable strap ties to the headrest for a proper fit.

Pros: Built-in mesh pockets hang down the seat to protect your seat from dirty feet and are perfect for storing toys, mobile phones, snacks, tissues, and diapers.

Cons: These are not machine washable.

best car seat protector whew Courtesy of Amazon


3. Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector

Lusso Gear’s Car Seat Protector will help extend and protect the life of your car’s upholstery while helping avoid excessive wear and tear. This car seat cover comes complete with adjustable safety straps that tie the cover securely to the headrest and has anti-slip dots for extra grip, preventing it from sliding off the seat. Made from high-quality PVC leather, this cover is also water-resistant and has extra padded construction to ensure a comfortable commute whether you are going to work or traveling out of town.

Pros: The seat protector comes with three built-in pockets to keep your essentials close by.

Cons: If you prefer to buy a set of two seat protectors, another option might be better.

best car seat protector lusso gear Courtesy of Amazon