Parking Outside This Winter? Get These Tarps and Covers To Weatherproof Your Car

Best Car Covers for Winter
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* Lightweight weatherproofing
* Keep dust, bird droppings and leaves off your car
* Easy-to-install tie-downs for windproofing

Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean your car has to hibernate in the garage. Give your car some year-round protection from the elements with these tarps and weatherproof covers.

1. ADCO Contour-Fit Cover

This contoured car cover fits medium-sized sedans and provides a thick cover for protection from falling leaves, rain and dust.

Adco car cover Courtesy WalMart


2. Duck Covers Sedan Car Cover

This handsome two-tone double defender cover is a snug contour fit car cover for sedans. It comes in different sizes ranging from ones suitable for a Ford Focus to full size models like the Dodge Charger or Audi A8.

Duck Covers Car Cover Courtesy WalMart


3. Vetomile Car Cover

The Vetomile car cover is breathable and light yet waterproof, and thanks to snugly-fitting wheel straps it stays on even in heavy winds.

Vetomile Car Cover Courtesy Amazon

4. Leader Accessories Car Cover

This is a simple, affordable way to keep your car safe from bird droppings and paint-damaging UV-rays. It fits cars up to 200” in length.

Outdoor car cover Courtesy Amazon

5. OxGord 5 Layer Car Cover

A five-layer portable, waterproof car cover, this OxGord car cover features elastic straps and tie-down grommets for protection against winds, along with a strong weather-sealed outer covering.

5-Layer Car Cover Courtesy Amazon

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