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When the sun is shining and you find a Saturday in which you have nowhere to be, hand washing your car can give you a sense of pride and make your ride shine. But, hand washing is a lot more dangerous to your car than heading through the car wash. That’s because using the wrong equipment can result in small (or sometimes large) scratches across the paintwork of your car. Therefore, it’s important to buy one of the best car wash sponges, a quality car wash soap and a soft towel before you start washing your car at home.

Having the right equipment can make washing your car easier, safer and quicker. It can also make the experience so enjoyable that you may want to begin washing your automobile more regularly. If you’d like to spend more time taking pride in your car, let’s discuss the three types of car wash sponges to discover the best one for you.

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Types of Car Wash Sponges

There are three main types of car wash mediums, and they all are slightly different in terms of use. Read on to learn more about sponge, microfiber and sheep wool.


A car wash sponge is the most traditional tool for washing a car, and you can use it on your car just like you would for any cleaning task around the house. Sponges are great at holding water and soap so you don’t have to frequently dunk it back in your bucket. Plus, they’re usually quite soft, so they won’t scratch your car. However, most sponges come in block form and are not available as mitts. In addition, flat sponges can drag dirt and debris with every stroke, leaving behind slight scratches in the paintwork if you aren’t careful.

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Chenille Microfiber

Microfiber is made from synthetic fibers that are split on the end to create a very absorbent and soft material. This, of course, makes a great tool for washing surfaces, like the outside of your car. Car wash sponges made of microfiber are super gentle, and the deeper pile of chenille microfiber allows dirt and debris to safely move away from the surface, preventing scratches. They’re usually available in both block and glove form, and they can come as a sheet of material or in a mop-like, hairy form.


Available in both real wool and synthetic versions, sheepskin car wash sponges or mitts are super soft. The length of the soft wool fibers moves dirt particles away from the car’s surface, and they are very absorbent, providing a good compromise between sponge and chenille microfiber. This type of car wash sponge can be quite expensive and have a short lifespan, so they’re great for people who regularly wash sports cars or other luxury vehicles.

Ready to get down to business so you can wash your car to perfection? Check out the nine best car wash sponges below.


1. Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Wash Mitt


With over 1,700 five-star reviews on Amazon and positive reviews from more than 95% of users, you can be confident you’re going to like the high-quality job the Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Wash Mitt achieves. It’s made from premium, chenille microfiber which is safe for use on car paint and other delicate surfaces, including boats, trucks and RVs. The absorbent fibers hold a greater quantity of water than competing sheepskin options and deliver a swirl-free, lint-free and scratch-free finish. For a faster outcome, or the option of working on two cars at the same time, choose the two-pack of these popular mitts.

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2. VIKING Long Pile Microfiber Car Wash Sponge


If you prefer the feeling of a traditional sponge in your hands when cleaning your car, the VIKING Long Pile Microfiber Car Wash Sponge could be the choice for you. This super-soft sponge is made from a microfiber which lifts dust and debris from your car’s paint to leave it looking clean and streak-free. The slight thinning around the middle provides you with more control during use, while the high-density foam core is capable of holding loads of car wash solution. Furthermore, this popular sponge choice can be reused time and time again for a lint-free, shiny finish on your vehicle.

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3. Detailer’s Preference Microfiber Cleaning Glove


With its five-fingered design, the Detailer’s Preference Eurow Microfiber Cleaning Glove lets you clean everywhere your fingers can raech. It also includes two different materials on either side for added versatility. The knobby side is great for cleaning and dusting, while the smooth side is better for scrubbing. For durability, the glove is made from heavy-duty materials, and, as the glove is neither right- nor left-handed, it can be used on either hand with ease.

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4. Chemical Guys Microfiber Premium Wash Mitt


The Chemical Guys Microfiber Premium Wash Mitt has over 1,800 positive reviews from users who enjoy washing their vehicles with it. The straightforward mitt design can be worn on either hand and provides 360 degrees of chenille microfiber for effective cleaning, without the worry of scratches. The highly absorbent fibers also hold plenty of water and soap, helping to speed up the cleaning process and to minimize the amount of bucket dipping required. In addition, when the glove is dirty, it’s easy to throw the mitt into the wash to get it clean again.

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5. SCRUBIT Microfiber Car Wash Sponge


The SCRUBIT Microfiber Car Wash Sponge sports a double-sided design that provides more than one way to clean your car. On one side, this sponge sports chenille microfiber which delivers a streak and dirt-free finish. The other side has a soft microfiber scrubbing mesh which can be used first to remove stubborn dirt. This versatile sponge is a solid choice, and at the time of writing, it has only received perfect reviews from users.

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6. Aopobo Multi-Use Cleaning Sponges


These Aopobo Multi-Use Cleaning Sponges are an ideal pick for anyone looking to clean more than one car at a time. This pack includes six highly absorbent sponges which are also soft and elastic for easy cleaning. The sponges’ coral-pore design further adds to their effectiveness as it allows them to hold more soap and clear more dirt. Additionally, these versatile sponges are great for other around-the-house jobs, too, including furniture cleaning, glass cleaning or even summer garden fun.

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7. Konpard Ultimate Car Wash Mitt


In addition to the Konpard Ultimate Car Wash Mitt, this two-piece pack includes a wash sponge, ensuring you have everything you need to clean up your car. Both pieces are double-sided with one side covered in highly absorbent microfiber strands that delivers a swirl-free finish. On the other side, there’s a durable mesh material that works to remove more stubborn dirt, like bugs and leaf residues, from your car’s paintwork. Furthermore, for a more comprehensive clean from front to back, you could choose the nine-piece kit option, which includes the mitt, sponge and more.

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8. The Rag Company Microfiber Wash Mitt and Pad


This wash mitt and wash pad are made from a high-grade split Korean microfiber which provides one of the softest cleaning experiences available. No matter whether you choose to use the pad or mitt, you’ll enjoy a streak-free finish without the worry of scratches or marks on your vehicle’s paintwork. The long fibers are also good for absorbing dirt and are made to last. The mitt sports an elastic wristband to ensure a secure and comfortable fit during use.

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9. Adam’s Polishes Lambskin Wool Car Wash Mitt


If softness is your priority, it may be worth checking out the Adam’s Polishes Lambskin Wool Car Wash Mitt. This car wash mitt is handmade from premium selected wool and holds an impressive amount of water and soap for more efficient and faster cleaning. The design also includes an elasticated, cotton cuff for security and comfort. This product is great for nervous cleaners who are worried about scratching. Plus, it isn’t just good for cleaning cars; it can clean other vehicles, including boats and bikes, too.

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