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10-4: These Are The Best CB Radios To Get

When disaster strikes, one of the first things to go is communication. Smartphones, email, messaging systems, and landlines are often no longer an option, with downed cell towers, telephone lines, and radio and TV signals taking with them the ability to get in touch with loved ones and those who can provide information and assistance. Thankfully, there are CB radios, which are ideal for use during a disaster.

CB Radios can be used in areas that don’t have cell service, which is not only ideal in disaster situations but also when spending time in outdoor or remote locations. CB Radios are commonly used by motorists, including truck drivers, as they provide up to date and local information on traffic and weather, data that can be vital to the safety of professional drivers. Knowing which routes to avoid that are currently undergoing construction or are experiencing traffic jams can help to ensure that truckers and delivery personnel meet their deadlines. Motorcyclists also like to use CB Radios, with current weather information especially crucial to this group of motorists.

Thanks to their local content, CB Radios are also commonly used by outdoor enthusiasts, including hunters, RV riders, hikers and avid fishers. These activities often take place in areas that are out of cell phone range and can enable people to stay in contact with other members of their group or learn about areas to avoid thanks to communication with other CB Radio users on the same channel. CB Radios also provide a reliable emergency call function that is paramount to personal safety when adventuring into areas with animals and limited foot traffic.

Whether you’re looking for a way to stay in contact with your group or want a safe and reliable connection to local weather and traffic patterns, CB Radios can provide lines of communication in just about any scenario. Below are three of our top picks that will keep you safe and in constant contact.

1. Cobra Handheld CB Radio

With a Sound Tracker System that cuts down on noise pollution by up to 90 percent, the Cobra Handheld CB Radio provides crystal clear communication when you need it most.

Pros: The Cobra has a remote mount system, which allows for easy installation on the dashboard or can be hidden away in vehicles where space is limited. In addition to the Sound Tracker System, which provides clear communication, the Cobra has added features like 10 NOAA Weather Channels and Emergency Radio, an Instant Channel 9/19 for emergencies and information, and 40 CB channels.

Cons: Some customers found the LCD screen difficult to read and recommended buying an external speaker to increase the volume of the Cobra.

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2. Midland Channel CB-Way Radio

Boasting 4 watts of power, the Midland Channel CB-Way Radio has access to 40 CB channels, 10 NOAA Weather channels and can be powered through batteries or while wired.

Pros: Unlike the Cobra, the Midland allows for wireless power with six AA batteries, which is ideal for situations when drivers need to exit their vehicles but still want to remain in constant communication. The Midland can also be powered through the cigarette lighter. Like the Cobra, the Midland has 40 CB channels and 10 NOAA Weather channels, as well as channel 9 for emergencies and channel 19 for information. The Midland has an Automatic Noise Limiter while helps to improve the CB’s reception and cuts down on static noise. The Midland allows for five saved channels, while the Cobra only offers four.

Cons: Customers note that the display is not backlit and therefore difficult to read in low lighting. Customers also report that the Midland requires the use of an external antenna, which must be purchased separately.

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3. Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio

With the Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio, users can keep the lines of communication open or use the radio as a speaker by connecting to a PA system.

Pros: The Uniden has an external jack that can turn the radio into a PA system, something the first two options on our list don’t have. The Uniden also has squelch control for sound clarity, channel display, volume control, and mounting hardware.

Cons: While the Uniden does have access to 40 channels and the emergency channel 9, unlike the Cobra and Midland it does not come with channel 19 for information. It also doesn’t have access to any NOAA Weather channels.

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