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See The City In Style On a Tokyobike

* The ultimate bicycle for daily life and city exploration
* Designed with focus on maximum comfort and individual style
* Provided to guests at The Ace Hotel in New York and Los Angeles

With a simple yet city-specific design, the Tokyobike was created to provide daily transportation in maximum comfort and style.

In case you hadn’t already guessed, the Tokyobike was originally made for exploring the streets of Tokyo, but the slick bike quickly found a home at the Los Angeles and London locations of Ace Hotel, a design-inspired hotel chain celebrating time-honored classics and aimed at Millennials. This innovative hotel saw Tokyobike as a way to provide their customers with easy yet stylish transportation around the city.

Now you can own a Tokyobike for your very own city adventures. Sporting wheels that are smaller than a standard bicycle, the single-speed Tokyobike provides improved acceleration designed to help with starting and stopping at a city’s many intersections. The smaller wheel size also helps minimize the weight of the bicycle and improve steering control.

Because Tokyobike’s main focus is not high-speed travel, each of the bike’s well thought-out components has been designed for maximum attractiveness and comfort. This includes the bike’s vegetable-tanned, leather Gropes grips and the Brooks Team Pro saddle.

In addition, each part of this bicycle has been simplified to allow for a fairly easy repair process (when needed). And, the gold frame is intentionally adorned with minimal graphics to produce a clean and simple look.

From creators who believe Tokyobike is more about lifestyle and less about a cycling brand, this effective city bike is ideal for anyone in need of a lightweight bike built for casual, everyday use while looking sharp and polished.

To keep things simple, Tokyobike organizes, ships and pays for your bike to be assembled by a bicycle shop local to you – once ready, all you have to do is show up and ride out.

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