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You Don’t Have To Be An Uber Driver To Know The Importance Of This $80 Hidden Car Camera

* Comes with two cameras: one dash cam and rear-view cam
* Easy installation requires no outside tools to set up
* Offers added visibility and comes with a built-in LCD touchscreen

Dash cams today are all the rage, but some models are better than others, and many cars (especially older models) don’t come with one built in. Take the Yi, for instance. This unassuming dash cam offers more features than other leading competitors — all at a fraction of the price. What’s more, it actually comes with two cameras: one front-facing 1080P dash cam and a rear-view 780P cam.

What makes this camera truly stand out from the crowd is its integrated features. By adding all of the traditional dash cam features into a rear-view mirror, the Yi makes it easier for you to see your surroundings at all times. More than that, this camera lets you take advantage of all the traditional features associated with most dash cams (added visibility, wide-angle video, etc.), while also giving you a front cam, as well.

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Unlike other dash cam sets, this one’s particularly easy to set up; simply fit the front camera over your rear-view mirror for instant added visibility. With a handy wide-angle lens, you’re able to catch more video on screen than other traditional dash cams.

This dash cam also boasts an impressively integrated LCD touchscreen for easy controls. The built-in WiFi has a signal range up to 21 feet, which makes it easier to get connected on the go. Best of all, it looks just like a typical rear-view mirror — so you won’t have to worry about adding another gadget to your car. With tons of customizable recording features, easy installation, and two great cameras, the Yi has it all for an affordable price.