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10 Crazy Car Fresheners To Drive Away Odors

* Car air fresheners to replace your pine tree
* Crazy, funny and sweet-smelling
* Featuring cats, poop, Sasquatches bacon and more

Have you ever been happy to see a

? At this point, the pine tree freshener scent reminds most people of whatever gross smell it was attempting to cover up. Plus, if you’re going to hang something from your rearview mirror, why not make it interesting? To help replace the boring pine tree, we pulled these 10 funny, interesting car air fresheners that you’ll want to hang up–even if your car already smells great.

1. Middle Finger Air Freshener

Some drivers deserve the bird twice: once from you and once from your air freshener.


2. Cartoon Poop Air Freshener

This funny cartoon pile of poop actually fills your car with a chocolate aroma.


3. Lucky Cat Air Freshener

Bring luck, and a fresh flower scent, to your car with this lucky cat air freshener.


4. Squirrel in Underpants Air Freshener

A squirrel in underwear is just funny; we don’t know why. Make your passengers laugh, and give your car a fresh forest scent.


5. Bigfoot Air Freshener

Catch a glimpse (and a smell) of the mythical man-beast every time you get in your car with this air freshener that features a sasquatch scent (well, pine scent).


6. Rotting T-Bone Air Freshener

Another one that looks gross, but actually has a sweet pine smell.


7. Donut Air Freshener

This donut air freshener features a vanilla scent and makes a great gift for anyone.


8. Bacon Air Freshener

Everyone likes the smell of bacon, so bring it in your car with this fun air freshener.


9. Sugar Skull Air Freshener

Whether you’re celebrating day of the dead, or just want a cool sugar skull to look at, this rose-scented sugar skull makes a great rearview mirror accessory.


10. Flower Perfume Diffuser

If you want to step up your air freshener game, this is how: a perfume diffuser that clips onto your air vent. It releases a sweet flower smell that gets dispersed throughout the car by way of the air vents.

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