Protect Your Motorcycle From Wind, Rain, Dust and More With a Heavy Duty Cover

Motorcycle Cover
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The best place to store your motorcycle is indoors, but that’s not always possible. Even riders who put their bikes away in a garage or storage facility during snowy winter months still run the risk of having to leave their bikes outdoors at some point while on rides. That’s why when it comes to motorcycle covers, it’s not just which cover is right for you, but which covers are right for you. That’s plural. You’ll want two.

Motorcycle covers are used to protect bikes against rain, hail, snow, dirt and debris. They help extend the life of a motorcycles’ paint job and ensure that the bike is ready to ride as soon as the cover is removed, saving riders from having to first remove twigs and debris that may have gotten into the mechanics of the bike.

There are two types of motorcycle covers and we’ve included both on our list. The first is a thicker, more rugged cover that is designed to stay on a bike for extended periods. The second is a packable cover that is designed to travel with the bike and is ideal for both short and long trips.

Bikes are a significant investment, so protect yours with a durable motorcycle cover.


1. Velmia Motorcycle Cover

Keep your cover securely in place using the Velmia Motorcycle Cover. The Velmia is a German-made cover that comes with three securing straps with quick locks that make it easy to ensure the cover will remain on the bike even in windy conditions. The all-weather cover is designed to withstand the harshest of conditions, including rain, wind, sand, dirt, dust, birds, leaves, and the sun, with the Vemlia, including a UV stabilized coating. The Velmia is even heat resistant up to 575 degrees Fahrenheit near the bike’s exhaust area. The breathable cover has double ventilation openings to stop moisture from collecting underneath the material and the soft inner material protects against scratches on the bike. The Velmia is available in four sizes, including Medium, Large, X Large and XX-Large.

Pros: The Velmia has a large, clear window on the back that displays the bike’s license plate, making it legal to use the cover when out in public in any state or country.

Cons: The Velmia is made with thick material and isn’t portable.

Velmia Motorcycle Cover Image courtesy of Amazon


2. XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover

Protect your bike from the wheels to the handlebars with the XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover. The XYZCTEM fits bikes up to 108 inches, including Harley Davidsons, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamahas and more. Made with Nylon Oxford, the XYZCTEM protects against dirt and debris, while still providing breathable coverage that won’t cause condensation build-up or overheat the seat. The XYZCTEM has a soft interior that won’t scratch the motorcycle and is lightweight for easy install and removal.

Pros: The XYZCTEM is one of the few covers that provides truly full-bike coverage, reaching all the way down to the ground and even protecting the wheels.

Cons: The XYZCTEM is designed for most on and off-road standard-sized bikes and isn’t appropriate for oversized bikes. It’s also not classified as waterproof.

XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Opamoo Motorcycle Cover

If you need a cover that is built to fit snugly on smaller motorcycles or scooters, we recommend the Opamoo Motorcycle Cover. Measuring 96 inches by 49 inches by 41 inches, the Opamoo is the perfect size for compact bikes. The Opamoo features a heavy-duty windproof buckle with close stitching that keeps the windproof cover securely in place. The Opamoo is designed with two sturdy anti-theft lock holes, allowing customers to further secure their cover. The cover has been upgraded in 2019 to include two-thread stitching and tear-resistant, water-resistant material.

Pros: The Opamoo is machine washable and comes with a small carrying case that makes it easy to take the cover with your bike wherever you ride.

Cons: The Opamoo is not large enough for standard or oversized on and off-road motorcycles.


Opamoo Motorcycle Cover Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Nuzari Premium Heavy Duty Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

Hit the road and take your cover with you using the Nuzari Premium Heavy Duty Outdoor Motorcycle Cover. The lightweight and sturdy cover comes with a drawstring backpack for maximum portability, making this an excellent option for long-haul bikers. The Nuzari has a soft cotton windscreen protector and features waterproof air vents that allow wind to pass through the cover, ensuring the bike won’t get knocked over by gusting winds. A heavy-duty elastic bottom and luggage strap ensures that the Nuzari will fit snuggly and securely onto any bike. We also like that the Nuzari has a heat shield that prevents the cover from burning or melting caused by hot pipes, with the Nuzari rated to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The Nuzari is available in five color options and five sizes, making it a cover that any biker can use.

Pros: The Nuzari has reflective strips running across the cover that make the parked motorcycle clearly visible to drivers night.

Cons: The Nuzari is one of the more expensive covers on our list.

Nuzari Premium Heavy Duty Outdoor Motorcycle Cover Image courtesy of Amazon


5. ILM Motorcycle Cover

For a cover that is affordable and offers excellent protection, we recommend the ILM Motorcycle Cover. Available in five color combinations plus a thicker material, the ILM offers riders coverage for their motorcycle without breaking the bank. The ILM stays in place thanks to the three windproof buckles attached, as well as an elastic bottom. Considered a universal fit cover (it measures 43.4 inches by 55.1 inches by 116.1 inches), the ILM protects against wind, rain, snow, dirt, tree sap, and bird droppings.

Pros: The ILM comes with a carrying pouch with a buckle closure for secure storage and transportation.

Cons: Not all the color options available for the ILM have reflective strips and the cover doesn’t include a soft interior to protect against scratches.

ILM Motorcycle Cover Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Dowco Guardian

For a cover that will provide a truly customized fit, we recommend the Dowco Guardian. The Dowco comes in 10 size options, including covers specially designed for scooters, cruisers, adventure touring models and sportbikes. The Dowco is designed to handle the most severe weather conditions, with the cover made from 300 Denier solution-dyed polyester fabric that features a water-repellent top coat. The cover stays in place with an elastic bottom and quick disconnect strap. The Dowco ensures it’s providing protection on the inside as well, with the cover including a soft cotton section to protect the windshield from scratches and a moisture-guard vent that protects against build-up under the cover. The Dowco is built to last years thanks to its polyurethane and mildew-resistant undercoating. The cover also includes an alarm pocket, which can hold the optional Dowco alarm.

Pros: Even though the Dowco is one of the most heavy-duty covers on our list, it still comes with a compression carrying case, making it an excellent option for travel.

Cons: The Dowco has a big price tag. It also doesn’t include reflective strips for nighttime visibility.

Dowco Guardian Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Tokept Black and Orange Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover

For big bikes that need ample coverage, try the Tokept Black and Orange Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover. The Tokept is designed to fit 116-inch bikes and works with specific models of Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda and more. Made with durable 190T oxford fabric, the Tokept is water-resistant and protects against rain, dirt, mildew, and the sun. The Tokept is bright orange for easy visibility with a black top, making your bike visible to drivers and easy for you to pick out at a busy bike rally.

Pros: The Tokept weighs only one pound and comes with a carrying case, making it a great portable option.

Cons: The Tokept isn’t lined on the inside to protect against scratches.

Tokept Black and Orange Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover Image courtesy of Amazon