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If You Drive Off-Road, You Need Mud Flaps – Here Are 3 Of Our Favorites

There’s almost a sense of pride that can come with having a mud-caked truck after a long off-road adventure. Those streaks of dirt are signs of a weekend well-spent. And while a little dirt is okay, mud and dirt can actually detrimentally affect your truck or car. This is especially true of the undercarriage of the car, which can suffer from potentially expensive damages. So while playing in the dirt may be fun, you still should protect your car from the more serious effects of mud, dirt, snow, and water. The best way to do that is with mudflaps.

Mudflaps come in a lot of different sizes, styles, and materials. Some flaps attach to a truck’s hitch, and others are installed directly behind the rear wheels. They also come in different sizes to better suit the size of your car and tires. Whether you live somewhere that’s prone to bad weather or you love a good off-road adventure, these mudflaps will go a surprisingly long way in keeping your car protected.

1. Rock Tamers Mudflap System

This option is considerably more expensive than the others on this list. The reason for that is that Rock Tamers provides a frame for both flaps and a mounting system, whereas the other picks are just flaps. That means that this pick can fit more types of vehicles, because it can be mounted to almost any kind of large vehicle with a hitch.

Pros: Semi-universal fit, attaches to the hitch frame, leaving the hitch ball open to be used for other purposes. Flaps can be trimmed.

Cons: Expensive. Somewhat time-consuming installation.

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2. Husky Liners Rear Mud Guards

Many mud flaps on Amazon are made for specific cars, and these are designed to suit a variety of Dodge Ram models. Front and rear flaps are available, and the flaps are made from a durable and weather-resistant plastic material. The mud flaps are also designed and manufactured in the US.

Pros: Easy, no tool installation. Available for front and rear tires.

Cons: Designed for Dodge Ram models, not universal.

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3. Highland Black Heavy Duty Rubber Splash Guard

This pair of mudflaps is designed to suit various kinds of larger vehicles, including RVs, minivans, and SUVs.The flaps are made from heavy-duty rubber, and the mounting hardware is included for easier installation. At 18 inches x 12 inches, they’re large enough to provide coverage for average-sized trucks and SUVs.

Pros: Affordable, works with a variety of vehicles, mounting hardware is included.

Cons: Included mounting hardware isn’t the highest quality.

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