Saddle Up: 8 Best Bags for Bikers

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* Bike comfortably with the right saddle bag
* Pack more items easier without sacrificing space
* Choose from leather bags, to reinforced nylon brands and more

You may not realize it, but saddle bags have come a long way. With all the different styles, builds and brands available, there’s never been a better time to customize your ride. With summer coming to a close and fall looming on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to give your bike a little love. Here are the best bags to help you keep the momentum going.

1. BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

In the market for a saddle bag but are looking to pack light? This pocket-sized bag rests snugly beneath your seat, making it both convenient and completely unobtrusive. What’s more, it even includes a reflective trim and taillight hanger, though using your own taillight is still recommended.

BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Ibera Bicycle Triangle Frame Bag

This basic big bag utilizes a triangle design to help rest securely without ever feeling cumbersome. Great for when you want to pack light, the slim design not only helps minimize wind resistance, it’s also made with high-quality anti-abrasive nylon fabric.

Ibera Bicycle Triangle Frame Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


3. ArcEnCiel Water Resistant Front Top Tube Pannier

Navigating can be tricky when you’re on a bike. Luckily, this water-resistant saddle bag includes its own storage holder for your phone. Add in the high-quality build, velcro straps and reflective tape and you have one heck of a convenient (and safe) saddle bag.

ArcEnCiel Water-Resistant Storage Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Tough 1 Nylon Bag

When you want to carry more than just a quick change of clothes, this saddle bag includes two reinforced nylon bags, two adjustable straps and two insulated pockets for water bottles. Great for using during those longer treks, there’s even a mesh pocket to help store your gloves, glasses and other knickknacks.

Tough 1 Nylon Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Stansport Saddle Bag

Two large cotton pockets reinforced with sturdy vinyl covering makes this saddle bag both comfortable and extremely durable. With a capacity of 1,056 cubic inches, you’ll have no problem packing more items without sacrificing weight.

Stansport Saddle Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Tourbon Vintage Handlebar Bag

This vintage-style waterproof bag is made with high-quality canvas leather and makes a great addition to any bike. Featuring a sleek handlebar design and two beautiful leather straps, it works with any bike. Choose from six beautiful colors.

Vintage Handlebar Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


7. BV Bike Bag Panniers

Featuring two large bags with zippered pockets and reflective trim, this bag fits securely behind your seat. With a smart angled pocket design, you’re able to pack more without sacrificing space. Fortunately, the adjustable hooks fit most bike racks.

BV Bike Bag Panniers Image courtesy of Amazon


8. 45L Water-Resistant Rear Seat Double Bag

Need a little more coverage when it comes to your bags? This extra durable double pannier bag utilizes retro canvas materials that are both rainproof and shock resistant. What’s more, the beautiful army green really helps this saddle bag stand out. This one’s ideal for longer rides.

Water-Resistant Rear Seat Double Bag Image courtesy of Amazon

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