Saddle Up for the Long Haul: The Best Saddle Bags for Cyclists

best saddle bags

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Cycling is a great sport to get into but you need to know which gear is a must-have and which gear is an add-on. A saddle bag is a must-have option because it can double as a “flat kit” or bicycle repair kit while you’re out riding or function as a larger bag for bigger items like a change of clothes or your lunch. Most saddle bags are on the smaller side if you’re on a road bike and they consist of enough space for tools needed to do an on-the-go repair. Like a flat tire, for instance. You’ll want to pack a spare tube, a C02 cartridge, and tools to complete the job.

Another reason to pack a saddle bag is for the ability to make adjustments to the bike while you’re away from a bike shop. This includes bringing the level of your seat higher or lower or adjusting the stem on the handlebars. You can also fill up your tires if you’re low on air. Basically, a flat kit prepares you for anything that might go wrong when you’re out in the wild or far from a bike shop.

But small bags that sit under the seat aren’t your only options. Larger saddle bags can rest on either side of the back wheel and function more as utility bags for long-distance rides or commutes. No one likes a heavy backpack riding on their shoulders, so having any type of saddle bag will relieve your back muscles of any extra effort.

Check out the best saddle bags and be sure to know which type is better for your bike and riding style.


1. Silca Seat Capsule Premio

The best bike saddle in the business has a stylish and sleek bag for your ride. Check out the Silca bag for everything you need. Extremely lightweight but able to store everything from tubes to C02, this bag won’t let you down, plus the lightweight material will keep you streamlined and ready for a long ride of drafting with your friends. Keep your necessary flat kit items handy while still looking stylish.

saddle bag repair kit Courtesy of Silca


2. BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

This repair kit is a great fit for beneath the saddle and attaches easily. You can fit any number of items in there like a tube, extra air and tools. The wider size of this saddlebag makes it great for longer rides, as you can tuck in a few extra tubes in case you get multiple flats. The reflective strip on the front is an added bonus for nighttime riding, but a rear light is always recommended.

BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Ibera Bicycle Triangle Frame Bag

This basic big bag utilizes a triangle design to help rest securely without ever feeling cumbersome. Great for when you want to pack light, the slim design not only helps minimize wind resistance, it’s also made with high-quality anti-abrasive nylon fabric. You can fit plenty of flat kit repair tools in here plus some extra snacks.

Ibera Bicycle Triangle Frame Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Tough 1 Nylon Bag

When you want to carry more than just a quick change of clothes, this saddle bag includes two reinforced nylon bags, two adjustable straps and two insulated pockets for water bottles. Great for use during those longer treks, there’s even a mesh pocket to help store your gloves, glasses and other knickknacks. It’s also great for cross country rides or a century ride so you don’t have to make too many stops for food and water. The rugged design gives it a broken-in look which will look good out on the road.

Tough 1 Nylon Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Stansport Saddle Bag

Two large cotton pockets reinforced with sturdy vinyl covering make this saddle bag both comfortable and extremely durable. With a capacity of 1,056 cubic inches, you’ll have no problem packing more items without sacrificing weight. With extra large sacks, there’s enough room in here for a flat kit plus a change of clothes. An excellent option for a day ride or a commute. Plus, the Army green color will keep too much dirt from showing, a plus when it’s a rainy day.

Stansport Saddle Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Tourbon Vintage Handlebar Bag

This vintage-style waterproof bag is made with high-quality canvas leather and makes a great addition to any bike. Featuring a sleek handlebar design and two beautiful leather straps, it works with any bike. Choose from six beautiful colors for an ultra-vintage look. You can fit a flat kit with tools in here or if you’re more adventurous, a burrito. Typically known as a burrito bag, this sleek design is meant for more than just your average flat kit.

Vintage Handlebar Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


7. BV Bike Bag Panniers

Featuring two large bags with zippered pockets and reflective trim, this bag fits securely behind your seat. With a smart angled pocket design, you’re able to pack more without sacrificing space. This is an excellent design for those going on longer bike treks or commutes and who need to pack extra food and water. Fortunately, the adjustable hooks fit most bike racks.

BV Bike Bag Panniers Image courtesy of Amazon


8. 45L Water-Resistant Rear Seat Double Bag

Need a little more coverage when it comes to your bags? This extra-durable double pannier bag utilizes retro canvas materials that are both rainproof and shock-resistant. What’s more, the beautiful army green really helps this saddle bag stand out. This one’s ideal for longer rides. Don’t be shy about overpacking in these bags, you’ll be set for a day’s worth of riding.

Water-Resistant Rear Seat Double Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Relevate Designs Mag Tank Top Tube Bag

This bag is a great option for bike touring or backpacking. By being placed on top, this bag will avoid any mud or dirt on your ride and is a great place to store easy to reach snacks. With enough room for a flat kit and some extras, you’ll be all set to travel the world with your bike without worrying about getting a flat.

top tube bike saddle bag Courtesy of Relevate Designs


10. Ortileb Seat-Pack Saddle Bag

This extra large saddle bag is a great choice for those seeking a bike touring option or for those who need to stash extra pants on a commute. It sticks out from the seat by about eight inches and can hold up to 16.5 liters. It has a rainproof roll-up closure and is made from a waterproof material. This is the ultimate flat kit plus everything else combined, because if you’re going bike-packing, you can store everything from your tent, sleeping bag, to an extra sweater inside and still have room for more. It’s more spacious than it looks. If you’re interested in bike-packing or camping, then definitely check out the Ortileb bag.

large saddle bag Courtesy of REI


11. REI Link Seat Pack

Looking for a simple design in a sturdy color? The REI Link Seat Pack fits snugly under your saddle and holds up to 11 liters of gear. If you’re going bike-camping and need a place to store your tent while on your bike, look no further than the REI Link Seat Pack for all your storage needs. Comfortably fit a weekend’s worth of gear, food, and extra layers inside for a wonderful weekend getaway. Made from ripstop nylon, this bag will surely last you quite a long time.

brown large saddle bag Courtesy of REI


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