Save a Trip to the Mechanic By Picking Up One of These Tire Repair Kits

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When you think about it, we place a lot of trust into the strips of rubber filled with pressurized air under our cars. We’re talking about tires, of course. From rusty nails to poorly paved roads, a lot can happen to your tires. With just one little puncture, it can feel like your entire life has been derailed until you can get it fixed. But not all tire punctures are the same. In fact, there are some that you may be able to repair yourself.

When that scary orange light comes on, the first thing to do is to assess the kind of damage you might be dealing with. If you have a puncture on the sidewall, you’re out of luck. Sidewall damage is less likely than tread punctures because the side of the tire isn’t the part that makes contact with the road. But it can happen, and if does, the entire tire needs to be removed and replaced. If you patch it, the tire still won’t be safe to drive on. Damage on the tread, however, might not be as big of an issue depending on the puncture. You can take it to a tire place, but in some cases, you can simply repair it yourself.

There are many tire kits you can buy from auto shops that will help you get your car rolling again, but we found some great ones below. It’s the kind of thing that’s worth having because you never know when you’ll get a puncture. If you’re taking a long road trip or driving at night, it’s not like you can just pull into the shop and get your car worked on. Plus, a DIY approach can help you save money. Even if you’re a little apprehensive about handling those kinds of repairs yourself, many of these kits come with instructional booklets. The kits below are designed to be used on tubeless tires, including cars and off-road vehicles. With that in mind, these are the kits to get you moving.


1. Boulder Tools – Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit

This tire repair kit from Boulder comes with printed instructions featuring images, so you can easily do repairs. The kit consists of 56 pieces, which are organized in a hardshell plastic carrying case. Included are valve caps, valve extenders, heavy-duty long nose pliers, repair cords, and a t-handle insert and spiral tools.

Pros: Complete kit includes 56 pieces, including a tube of lubricant, and 30 heavy-duty repair cords. Instructions are included.

Cons: Handles on tools can come loose and may need to be tightened.

boulder tools tire repair kit Amazon


2. ARB Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit

This kit includes 40 repair cords, allowing you to make many repairs with just one kit. Other essential tools include a pencil type tire gauge, insertion and reamer tools, needle nose plyers, and lubricant. The kit comes in a hard plastic case with designated slots for the different tools.

Pros: Includes ergonomic T-handle tools, comes with a hard carrying case with designated slots for all the tools.

Cons: Case is large, which may take up too much space for offroad vehicles.

arb tire repair kit Amazon


3. Tooluxe Universal Tire Repair Kit

Another option for tubeless tires is this affordable 35-piece kit. There are T-handle insert and spiral probe tools, a sealing lubricant, and 30 pieces of cord plugs. It also comes in a molded case with slots for the tools. It doesn’t have as many tools as the others cases; there are no pliers or knives, but the most essential tire repair tools are included.

Pros: Highly affordable kit, includes T-handle tools for easy ergonomic use in repairing tubeless tires.

Cons: No instructions included.

tooluxe tire repair kit Amazon


4. BETOOLL Tire Repair Kit 67 Pcs for Car

Another affordable option is this 67-piece kit. Included is a guide with pictures and text for easily figuring out how to use the tools. There’s a pressure gauge, extension valves, lubricant, a valve stem tool, and 40 repair plugs.

Pros: Complete kit for a highly affordable price. Includes instruction guide.

Cons: Tools are not the sturdiest.

betool tire repair kit Amazon


5. Slime 1031-A Tire Repair Plugs

If you already have tools that you trust but you’re out of plugs, this inexpensive pack from Slime comes in a pack of 30. It’s designed to be used in tubeless off-road vehicles. And if the name is slightly off-putting, don’t worry. Slime is arguably the top brand in consumer tire repair equipment.

Pros: Affordable pack of tire repair cords.

Cons: No tools, just the cords. For off-road vehicles, not all tubeless tires.

slime tire repair kit Amazon