Keep Your Pickup Looking Like New With a Durable Truck-Bed Liner

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The beauty of a truck is the sense of adventure that comes with owning it. With a pickup truck, you can go off-roading with your dirt bike stuffed in the back, load up on camping gear, and yes, help your friend move. The thing that makes a pickup so handy is the nearly endless number of things you can put in the truck bed. But those endless things –– whether they’re ATV wheels or your friend’s refrigerator –– can start to take a toll on the truck bed. Even though putting your truck through the paces is part of the fun, you want it to look well-loved, not run-down. That’s why truck-bed liners are an essential for any truck owners. But truck-bed liners vary tremendously by material –– not to mention the cost.

Some bed liners are made out of a rubberized material; many of these provide a customized fit for your truck. Others are a winterized, fabric material, and these can help provide protection to any delicate items you may be loading on your truck. There are even many truck-bed liners that come in a spray or liquid form. Spray and roll-on protectors will even add shine to your truck bed, so your pickup will look as good as it did when you drove it off the lot. Some of the liquid options have accessories like spray guns and rollers. These are the best truck-bed liners to get.

1. Herculiner Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

While a custom truck-bed liner can set you back quite a bit, this one is rather affordable. Included is a gallon of Herculiner’s roll-on liquid liner, an application brush, two roller brushes, one roller handle, and an abrasive pad. The abrasive pad is used to prep the truck bed, and then you apply the coat using the roller and brush. It’s a simple and affordable way to protect your truck bed. If you already have plenty of rollers and brushes, opt for the can only option, which consists of one 1-quart can.

Pros: Affordable way to protect your truck bed, adds a sheen for a refreshed look. Designed to be five times thicker than other roll-on options.

Cons: Liquid can get clumpy, so you’ll need to roll it thoroughly to avoid an uneven finish.

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2. U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner

Raptor makes some of the most popular and best-regarded truck-bed liners, like this spray-on option. Included in the kit are four 750ml bottles of the liner. There’s a 1-liter bottle of hardener, which is supposed to be added to the liner and shaken prior to application. The liner is also tintable, so you can choose the color that you desire. Included with the kit is a spray gun with an air-pressure gauge. This gauge will help ensure an easy and even application.

Pros: Spray-on liner kit that includes a spray gun with a pressure gauge to ensure even application.

Cons: Gun can be difficult to clean, and it takes several coats for adequate coverage.

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3. Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat

This rubber mat from Dee Zee offers a custom fit for various years of the Ford F-150, but it can also fit a wide range of other vehicles. The thick rubber construction and bottom cleats will maximize protection for your truck bed, and the textured top prevents items from sliding across the mat. The material itself is also thick; it’s 0.375 inches thick and weighs almost 35 pounds, which adds to the sturdiness.

Pros: Affordable. Provides a good fit for various F-150s, but mat can be trimmed to fit other trucks. Thick, heavyweight rubber with a grippy bottom to stay in place.

Cons: May need to be trimmed to fit for some truck beds.

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4. Rough Country Rubber Bed Mat

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced and tough rubber mat, this pick from Rough Country is a good option. It’s worth noting that it’s specifically designed for Ram trucks, years 2003-2018. The bottom of the mat has beaded grips to keep it in place, and the top has a textured pattern which reduces slippage. It’s designed to have a customized fit, including around the wheel wells. The mats are also made in the US from partially recycled materials.

Pros: Thick mat that is easy to install, all that is needed to do is roll it into place. Mats are made in the US, and provide a customized fit for various years of Ram trucks.

Cons: Sizing may be slightly off for some models.

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5. Custom Coat Tintable Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit

True to their name, this set from Custom Shop is available in a lot of customizable options. You can choose from a variety of color options, such as tintable, gray, red, blue, and even lime green. Plus, you can choose between various accessories, such as a spray gun or a roller, depending on which you prefer. This particular kit is the gun option with six 21-fluid-ounce bottles of the liner and three bottles of hardener: one 28-fluid-ounce bottle and two 7-fluid-ounce bottles. It sprays easily and quickly adheres to the surface.

Pros: Easy to use, good value. The liner is available in a range of different colors, including the customizable tintable option.

Cons: Gun can take some effort to keep clean.

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6. Toyota Accessories Bed Mat for Short Bed Tacoma Models

A custom mat option is this rubber mat, which is designed for short bed Toyota Tacoma models. It has a textured top surface which will prevent slippage and a cleated bottom to hold the mat itself in place. As for the details, the mat is 54 inches by 8 inches by 8 inches, and it weighs a fairly substantial 30 pounds, meaning it’ll hold up to whatever you put it through. It’s also branded with the word Tacoma across the top.

Pros: Customized fit for short cab Tacoma trucks, including fitting around the wheel wells. Textured rubber surface to prevent items from moving in transit.

Cons: Arrives with a strong rubber smell and may take some time to wear off.

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7. U-Pol Products RAPTOR Black Truck Bed Liner Kit

Another pick from Raptor is this 1-gallon bottle of liner. It’s a good option if you already have brushes or spray guns that you can rely on. You’ll also need to add the hardener, because this kit only includes the liner. It’s UV resistant to prevent cracking, and it’ll help add shine back to the bed of your truck. Depending on the quality of the spray gun, the liquid itself should spread evenly and easily.

Pros: Comparable quality to professional jobs, and Raptor is arguably better than many of the less expensive products.

Cons: Only includes the liquid and a measuring cup, no other accessories included.

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