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The Best Vehicle Survival and Emergency Kits For Your Car

An emergency can happen anytime, anywhere, which is why it’s a good idea to have a ‘survival’ kit in all the key places you’re ever likely to be. Whether that’s at home, at work or even in your car. However, one problem is deciding exactly what items or supplies should be in your kit, especially if you’ve never encountered an emergency. That’s why pre-made emergency kits exist. So, if your vehicle is currently lacking, it’s time to invest in one of the best car survival kits available.

If you commute by car every day, live somewhere remote or are planning an extended road trip, adding a car survival kit to your vehicle is a smart idea. As cell phone reception isn’t foolproof, it’s good to be as self-sufficient and safe as possible, even if that job is just safely waiting until help arrives. 

While some supplies will be the same as in any emergency kit, such as first aid supplies, flashlights and multi-tools, there are lots of automotive-specific supplies. These are some handy car-specific items include:

  • Jumper cables
  • Roadside safety triangles
  • Non-slip gloves
  • Cable Ties
  • Wrench
  • High-Vis Jacket
  • Tow Rope
  • Fuses

Besides the convenience of having everything you need in a pre-made kit, another major appeal of vehicle survival kits is the accompanying storage bag. It may seem like a minor consideration, but convenient storage for your car survival kit is important every day as well as in an emergency.

Below are the best car survival kits available right now.

1. Roadside Rescue Emergency Assistance Kit

The Roadside Rescue Emergency Assistance Kit comes in a durable and compact duffle-style bag for easy storage and portability. It contains an impressive 110 pieces which are made up of both auto and first aid supplies. Some of the most notable items include jumper cables, a tow strap, an emergency blanket, a Swiss Army-style multi-tool, a flashlight and a magnesium fire starter. In short, you’ll be set for almost every eventuality. Plus, this vehicle survival kit has basic first aid supplies, like bandages, gauze, tweezers and alcohol prep pads for basic medical needs.

Pros: The durable and high-quality bag is easy to store and carry.

Cons: There is no high-vis jacket included.

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2. WNG Brands Roadside Assistance Emergency Car Kit

The WNG Brands Roadside Assistance Emergency Car Kit has really trimmed the fat. In this kit you’ll find no filler, and the items included, like the tow cable, jumper cables and emergency triangle, will all likely earn their corn in a breakdown or medical emergency. This streamlining also allows the kit to be compact and therefore packed into an easily stored and carried case. Plus, the versatility of the kit makes it great for cars, SUVs and trucks, too.

Pros: This kit is made up of the ‘essential’ items you need in the most common emergencies and breakdowns.

Cons: You might end up cursing the day you didn’t go bigger.

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3. CYECTTR Car Emergency Kit

Some kits include jumper cables which aren’t made to last or to be used in all weather. That’s not the case with the high-quality, eight-foot cables included in the CYECTTR Car Emergency Kit. Other handy items in the kit include a reflective warning triangle, a road safety vest, an LED flashlight, a safety hammer and an ice scraper. Its versatility makes it useful for a range of occasions away from the car, too, such as camping, school and general outdoor pursuits. Its compact size also makes it easy to store under the backseat, in the trunk or even alongside your spare in the tire compartment.

Pros: The eight-foot jumper cables are of a higher quality than many competitors.

Cons: Compared to many kits, tool selection is lacking.

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4. Protect Life First Aid Kit

Car survival kits can sometimes be lacking in terms of the first aid kit, which is why it may be worth supplementing the basic kit with something more thorough. This kit from Protect Life is a good option. It consists of 200 pieces, including bandages, a cold compress, gauze pads, gloves, cotton swabs and stainless steel scissors. There are also basic survival supplies, like a blanket, poncho, light stick and compass.

Pros: You’ll struggle to find a more compact and comprehensive first aid kit.

Cons: It is geared to first aid and less capable when it comes to the automotive side of emergencies.

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5. LIANXIN Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit

With its variety of multi-tools and first aid supplies to adequately prepare you for any roadside emergencies, the LIANXIN Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit is a solid choice. There’s a basic tool kit that comes in its own box, a set of eight-foot jumper cables and a tow cable. Furthermore, it’s also a good all-weather option because emergency ponchos and a snow scraper are included.

Pros: With a snow scraper and poncho, this kit is ideal for bad-weather situations.

Cons: Some items in the kit may feel like ‘filler’ to some users.

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6. INEX Life Store Roadside Emergency Car Kit

With an impressive 112 pieces inside, you won’t be found lacking when you’ve got the INEX Life Store Roadside Emergency Car Kit in your car. From jumper cables, a tow rope and a multi-functioning tool set to two high-vis triangles, a flashlight and electrical tape, this kit really has you covered. Add into the equation a comprehensive first aid kit with adhesive bandages, alcohol prep pads, scissors, tweezers and a range of other medical essentials, all of which comes inside its own separate pouch, and you realize you’ll be able to face almost any outcome with confidence with this kit in your car. The kit is also available in two color options, one made up of a black case and a green first aid kit, while the other is purple and pink respectively.

Pros: The purple and pink color combination offers something a little different.

Cons: With so many pieces in the kit, it will take up a little bit more space than some people may want.

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7. HAIPHAIK Emergency Roadside Toolkit

While the HAIPHAIK Emergency Roadside Toolkit claims to be a roadside survival kit, the truth is it’s so much more. As well as your average car kit items, like jumper cables, a tow cable and grippy gloves, the kit includes a versatile tool kit and a multifunctional shovel. The tool kit is housed in a separate, vacuum-molded case and is made up of a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers and other tools which can be used in the car and around the house. Meanwhile, the multifunctional shovel can fold down for easy storage and includes a non-slip handle and sawtooth edge. This addition is handy for users taking on untrustworthy road surfaces.

Pros: This versatile kit can be used in the car and around the house, too.

Cons: Forgetful users may easily forget to replace items after using them on other around-the-house jobs.

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8. Performance Tool Deluxe Roadside Assistance Kit

If all you’re worried about is being covered for the occasional jumping or towing of your car, then the Performance Tool Deluxe Roadside Assistance Kit should fulfill your needs. This streamlined car survival kit includes jumping cables and a tow rope alongside a few handy extra items, like a first aid kit, flashlight, ice scraper and gloves. It’s also housed inside a small and durable luminous orange carry bag which doubles up as the emergency triangle. Furthermore, the small size makes it easy to store.

Pros: The two-in-one storage bag saves space by doubling up as an emergency triangle.

Cons: Because of the limited number of items, you may have to replace some supplies, like the cable ties and bandages, after a single use.

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9. Always Prepared Roadside Emergency Assistance Kit

This vehicle survival kit from the aptly named brand “Always Prepared” consists of 62 pieces, including first aid, emergency, car maintenance and roadside safety gear. There are jumper cables, a hand-cranked flashlight, a light stick, a visibility vest and other essential gear to ensure you’re, you guessed it, always prepared. In addition, as this kit packs down into a compact, easy-to-carry bag, it won’t take up much space in your trunk at all.

Pros: The compact bag is easily stored in your car.

Cons: The compact size does mean the company has omitted some otherwise common items, especially in the first aid kit.

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10. Lifeline AAA Excursion Road First Aid Kit

This Lifeline AAA Excursion Road First Aid Kit offers a good balance of basic supplies and automotive-specific needs. It’s also backed by the AAA name. Inside the kit, you’ll find jumper cables, a tire inflator/air compressor, a safety triangle marker and a flashlight. There are also some handy supplies, like a screwdriver, zip ties, duct tape and some other handy essentials for all kinds of roadside needs. Additionally, the first aid kit includes basics, like bandages, gauze and cleaning towelettes.

Pros: As it’s backed by the AAA name, you can trust the inclusions are well thought out.

Cons: While capable, the compressor isn’t the most powerful inflator you’ll find.

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