Spend Less Time Scraping Your Windshield Thanks to One of These Handy Windshield Covers

winter windshield cover

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Before you even get behind the wheel, there are several safety factors to consider when driving. Are your tires adequately inflated? Do you have enough gas and oil? Is your car being maintained? Do you have a safe way to look at directions? Even more basic, is your windshield free from snow and debris? Whether you want to keep snow and ice off your windshield and keep your car from overheating under the sun’s rays, most vehicles can benefit from the use of a windshield cover.

Clearing snow and ice from your windshield before you head out can get pretty tedious if you have to do it every day. Plus, it’s possible to scratch your windshield if you’re dealing with caked-on ice. Fortunately, the solution is one that’s as time-saving and ingenious as it is inexpensive and intuitive. Cold-weather windshield covers are tarp-like materials that go on top of your windshield. They effectively keep moisture out and make it easy to remove the snow. In the morning, all you have to do is pull the cover off, shake it out, and you’ll be ready to go. Many of these covers also have UV protection, which makes them great for use in warm weather in addition to cold.

These covers vary by size as well as the method by which they’re attached to your car. Some use magnets for a convenient hold, and others have loops that attach to side mirrors or the inside of the car. Read on for our favorite covers that will let you go from freezing to breezing in no time.

1. AUTOCLUB Car Windshield Snow Cover

The AUTOCLUB Car Windshield Snow Cover is designed for year-round use, making it a good value. Its versatility is owed to the fact that it is reversible. One side is a reflective silver color that repels the sun in warm weather and the other side is black and is designed to effectively retain warmth while preventing moisture from seeping through. The thick fabric has three layers, including poly for water-resistance and cotton for durability. The cover attaches using hooks for the wheels and a strap that buckles on the inside of the car, making it less likely to get stolen or blown away.

Pros: Reversible. One side is silver for blocking out the sun and the other side is black for retaining warmth and repelling moisture. It comes with covers for the side-mirrors, which have a reflective stripe to make it more visible.

Cons: Since the strap goes inside the car it’s possible for the seal around the door to be interrupted, letting moisture in.

autoclub winter windshield cover Courtesy of Amazon

2. OxGord Windshield Snow Cover

This windshield cover from OxGord is made from an extra-thick 600D polyester material, making it an effective solution for keeping out water, snow, sleet and all other kinds of unpleasant weather. It’s large enough to fit most cars, including larger SUVs and trucks. Attaching is easy and secure — there are loops for the side mirrors and flaps to insert the door. That helps to keep the tarp in place and makes it harder to steal. This listing also includes a rear cover, which you can buy separately.

Pros: Thick material effectively blocks out moisture, thermal design traps warmth to reduce frostiness. Easy to secure to the car.

Cons: Considerably more expensive than many comparable options.

oxgord winter windshield cover Courtesy of Amazon

3. Ice King Magnetic Windshield Cover

This windshield cover from Ice King is extra-large, making it well suited for use on SUVs and trucks. The 50″ x 70″ dimensions will effectively cover the windshields of larger cars. It’s affixed to the car using strong rare-earth magnets, ensuring that it will stay in place even in windy weather. There are also several flaps and ties that allow the cover to be tucked into the doors for extra security from both wind and theft.

Pros: Extra large size will cover big windshields and protect smaller cars. Various ways to attach, including using magnets.

Cons: Because the magnets offer a strong hold, they can potentially damage the finish of your car.

ice king windshield cover Courtesy of Amazon

4. Shynerk Magnetic Car Snow Cover

The Shynerk Magnetic Car Snow Cover utilizes several methods to securely attach to the car. There are magnets along the edges to attach to the top of the car, hooks to attach to the rims, and flaps to tuck the cover into the doorframe. The reverse is silver, meaning that the cover can be used in warm weather, too. The bottom of the cover extends to part of the hood of the car, which helps protect the wipers and the wiper fluid jets.

Pros: Attaches using hooks, flaps and magnets, helping to offer a more secure fit at various points of the vehicle. The reverse side is reflective silver, so it can be used in summer, too.

Cons: Magnets are somewhat weak.

shynerk windshield cover Courtesy of Amazon

5. EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

Protect your car from overheating and keep the interior of your vehicle cool using the EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade. The shade is designed to reflect UV and the sun’s rays to keep cars cool and protect the car’s interior from damage by the sun and heat. By keeping the sun off of a vehicle’s interior, this reduces the chance of cracks forming in the dashboard and seats. Using the EcoNour can reduce the internal temperature of the car by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Storage is also simple thanks to the windshield’s ability to easily fold down and pop up when in use.

Pros: The sunshade reflects heat to protect the car’s interior and make the temperature more comfortable for passengers. Convenient storage and several size options available.

Cons: The sunshade comes with a storage pouch, but it is very difficult to get the windshield back into the pouch.

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

6. Gintenco Car Windshield Cover

Protect your windshield and the top of your vehicle’s hood from sun and snow using the Gintenco Car Windshield Cover. Using four layers of durable material, including aluminum foil film, PP cotton, composite cotton and a nonwoven fabric, the Gintenco is a durable, scratch- and heat-resistant cover that fits most cars and SUVs. The cover has a magnetic edge that protects wipers and the top edge of the hood. Side mirror covers are also included, and the cover can be tucked into the car’s doors for a secure, antitheft hold.

Pros: A thick, four-layer material creates a strong barrier against sun, heat, cold and snow.

Cons: Fitting the edge of the cover into the vehicle’s doors can be cumbersome.

Gintenco Car Windshield Cover Courtesy of Amazon

7. Laptom Windshield Snow Cover

For a cover that won’t blow off in windy, rainy or snowy weather, we recommend the windshield cover from Laptom. Four heavy-duty elastic straps come with the windshield cover for a secure fit. Two straps secure around the two front wheel wells and two more straps connect inside the car. Scratch-free magnets are also built into the windshield to provide a tight seal. Three layers of fabric, including PEVA, cotton and a nonwoven fabric form a heat resistant, low temperature resistant, waterproof cover that keeps windshields protected year-round. The universal fit windshield cover also comes with two mirror covers that feature reflective stripes, making this a great option for users who don’t have access to private parking spaces.

Pros: A triple-layered, universal windshield cover that protects against sun and snow on cars, SUVs and trucks.

Cons: The magnets built into the windshield cover are not as strong as magnets on other covers on our list.

Laptom Windshield Snow Cover Courtesy of Amazon

8. HEHUI Car Windshield Snow Cover

Protect your windshield from inclement weather and keep it looking brand new using the HEHUI Car Windshield Snow Cover. The inside of the liner is made with soft opaque fabric that won’t scratch the windshield. The outside features four layers of durable fabric, including aluminum foil, cotton fabric, cotton and nonwoven fabric. Designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, the HEHUI has a magnetic edge and straps that go around the front mirrors. The sides of the cover also include two wings that can easily tuck into the car doors for a more secure fit.

Pros: A windshield cover with a universal fit that protects against sun and snow and won’t scratch or damage the windshield or wipers.

Cons: The magnets do not really provide any added benefits.

HEHUI Car Windshield Snow Cover Courtesy of Amazon

9. SnowOFF Windshield Snow Ice Cover

The SnowOFF Windshield Snow Ice Cover is a great value because it offers a variety of ways to attach the cover to your car. There are hooks on either side that you can attach to your hubcap spokes and flaps to hold the cover inside the door. Plus, magnets and suction cups are included, which you can optionally use for added security. SnowOff includes bonus accessories as well, including a microfiber cleaning cloth and a thermal emergency blanket. From the listing, you can choose between medium and large tarps.

Pros: Available in two sizes. Versatile, because it offers various ways to attach to the car. These include flaps/ties, magnets and suction cups. Comes with bonus accessories.

Cons: Magnets are somewhat weak. Cover can potentially move with the wind.

snowoff windshield cover Courtesy of Amazon

10. MITALOO Windshield Snow Magnetic Frost Ice Cover

The MITALOO Windshield Snow Magnetic Frost Ice Cover is highly affordable and easy to attach to the car. There are six magnets along the outer portion of the cover, plus flaps on the sides for tucking the cover into the door. The side flaps ensure that the cover won’t blow away should the magnets fail. The flaps also help to prevent theft. The cover is designed to offer a universal fit that is large enough for trucks and SUVs but flexible enough for smaller cars.

Pros: Affordable. Attaches using magnets and side-flaps, helping to ensure a secure fit. Designed to provide a universal fit. Doubles as a sun shield.

Cons: Could use more magnets for a more snug fit.

mitaloo windshield cover Courtesy of Amazon