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Ramp Up Your Bike Safety With Revolights Eclipse Bike Lighting System

Cycling every day is an achievement. It isn’t just a hobby or a form of transportation, it’s a competition: with the traffic, the topography, the weather, with your own endurance level, and you do it to make the world a little greener or burn a little extra energy. Sure, you could buy an EV, but driving is just task, and a relatively unfulfilling one. Riding is an accomplishment.

Accomplishment entitles you to certain things, such as a little splurge to look amazing, and to not get steamrolled by a distracted soccer mom in a minivan. For these more immediate, practical necessities, San Francisco-based Revolights has developed the most stunning and wholly unique bicycle lighting system you’re likely to see anywhere. This small startup produces headlights and taillights that will make drivers think you’ve somehow teleported into the local bike lane from the set of a sci-fi film. If the preferred method of transportation in Tron had been a 12-speed, it would’ve looked like this.

The lights are actually sets of LED rings that clip directly onto the spokes. An accelerometer tracks your speed and causes the LEDs to light up when they’re oriented at the front and rear of the bike. It can also tell when you’re braking, and adjusts the brightness of the taillights accordingly. The result is that you end up framed by two laser arcs that appear to float down the road, casting a wide, deep glow that drivers can spot from anywhere, even blind spots.

You can order the full headlight and taillight set for $199 from the Revolights website, or check it out in person at your local REI. They are powered by a rechargeable USB drive that you can charge when you are not riding. For more integrated tech, the Bluetooth-connected Eclipse+ system tracks your distance and speed while adding turn signal capability for an extra fifty bucks. And it’s worth the dough – imagine the whimsical juxtaposition on your classic fixie, or the extra nudge of sophistication on that Giant racer you’re about to order. Whatever your ride, you’ll be brandishing a very polished machine.

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