How to Find a Car Cell Mount That Fits Both Your Ride and Your Phone

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There was a time when finding directions to a good Pho restaurant required looking in the Yellow Pages and pulling out a map. Now, most people have in-depth and accurate navigation systems in their pockets. Phones can be a great resource to have in the car for navigation, but they can also obviously be an immense distraction.

The safest way to use navigation is with a phone mount for a car dashboard or air vent. Keeping the phone close to eye level prevents you from having to look down when you’re trying to figure out what on Earth you’re supposed to do at the traffic circle. Having the phone near the steering wheel or on the dash allows you to keep your eyes on the road. Plus, having your phone securely mounted is at least a minor deterrent from texting and driving.

The trouble with choosing a phone mount is that not only are there a bunch of different kinds of phones, there’s also an endless variety in types of car interiors. That’s why we’ve picked a few options with different kinds of attachments, including air vent clips and suction cups for the car, and magnetic grips and clasps for the phone.


1. Beam Electronics Car Air Vent Mount

This mount has two side grips that open as wide as 3.7 inches, so it can fit large phones as well as smaller ones. The part that clips into the air vent has silicone cushioning to prevent scratching the air vents. A quick-release button makes it easy to remove the phone from the mount.

Pros: Widely adjustable grips can fit most phones, has a release button for removing the phone.

Cons: Not ideal for some air vents, like circular ones. Some found the quick-release latch slower than they expected.

Beam electronics car mount Amazon


2. iOttie Dash & Windshield Car Mount

This mount works for either dashboards or windshields, and the side grips and bottom mounting grips are adjustable for a customized fit. This option has a wide range of motion. It extends, pivots, and rotates for close viewing. This Amazon listing also makes it easy to choose either an air vent option or a CD slot mount.

Pros: Wide range of motion with extending, tilting, and rotating motions. Bottom and side grips are adjustable. Air and CD mounts are available. Washable suction for reuse.

Cons: Some reviewers found that in hot weather, the suction can become loose.

iottie car mount Amazon


3. Trianium Magnetic Car Phone Mount

You might not have considered a magnetic grip, but it’s a perfectly safe and convenient option. It has an adhesive base for mounting onto the dashboard, but the base is small enough to be mounted on other surfaces in the car. There are four powerful magnets to keep the phone in place.

Pros: Magnetic grip makes for a convenient and sleek option, can hold most phones.

Cons: Adhesive may not work with all dashboards, especially cars without smooth or straight dashboards.

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