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This $30 Car Charger Doubles As An Emergency Escape Tool

* Multi-use gadget features emergency tools and a portable USB charger
* Holds a flashlight, window breaker, seatbelt cutter and more
* A great (and inexpensive) emergency tool to have on hand – and in the glovebox

When it comes to car accessories, most people only think of the basics: a spare tire, wrench set, maybe a phone holder. What they should be thinking about are safety tools. Fortunately, this little gizmo runs the gamut of car accessories, and for less than $30, it’s a steal.

This device is way more than a car charger; it’s the ultimate escape tool. That’s right, in addition to being a highly powerful (and portable) USB charging device, the EasyPower is also a seatbelt cutter, a window breaker, emergency flashlight, portable charger, and more.

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The three-mode flashlight uses built-in LEDs for maximum brightness, while the emergency mode lets you actually turn your light into a beacon to help get the attention of anyone around. The charger also features a razor-sharp tool to help you quickly (and easily) cut through seatbelts in case of emergency. The window breaker is also extremely effective, as it doesn’t require a lot of force to use.

Perhaps even more impressive is this charger’s ability to act as a standalone charging device. With a 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery, you can remove the charger from your car and power your devices on the go. Drive with confidence with this device in tow. Great to have on hand in warmer and colder climates, the car charger makes it easier to stay safe while braving the elements.


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