Ditch the Pine Tree and Get This All-Natural Car Freshener Instead

car freshener air Purggo bamboo charcoal

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* Easy-install car air freshener that blends into interior
* Uses all-natural bamboo charcoal to trap odors instead of masking smells
* Lasts for over 365 days without refills or cleaning

No one likes a nasty smelling car. From the smell of wet dog, to the fast food smell that just refuses to leave after your drive-thru order, you may think your only choice is to cover it up with dollar store air fresheners. We have a better choice. The Purggo air freshener completely removes bad odors instead of just masking them, and offers a chic alternative to the cheap and generic pine trees.. you know the ones.

Not only does the Purggo freshener remove your bad smells, it is made from 100% bamboo charcoal, meaning there’s no plastic, spray, gel or any harmful chemicals inside. There are also no artificial ingredients and fake smelling scents. The elimination process is entirely natural wherein air passes over the surface and becomes trapped in the charcoal filter, leaving you with a fresher smelling car.

Your Purggo air freshener is designed to last for over 365 days, which makes it the world’s longest lasting car air freshener. Most standard car fresheners last only 45 days and require regular refills, but the Purggo takes the hassle out of keeping your car smelling fresh.

The easy-install device simply sits over the back of either front headrest. Attach the air filter using the string loop and allow it to hang in place.

This air freshener is ideal for people with allergies, too, as it is all natural and non-toxic. The environmentally friendly Purggo uses only sustainable resources including the bamboo charcoal and natural hemp.

Say goodbye to the embarrassment of a smelly car without enduring the smell of gas station air fresheners. Instead, enjoy a breath of fresh air every time you enter your automobile with the Purggo air freshener.

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