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Keep Your Vehicle Neat and Tidy With These Car Garbage Can Liners

So many of us spend a ton of time in our cars. We commute in them, run errands in them, pick up kids and shuttle pets around from place to place. These mechanical bubbles of transportation are designed to get us from place to place, but they do so much more than that.

They’re where we connect with loved ones, entertain ourselves, play games and eat. Along with all of this human-ness is going to come some serious mess. Whether it’s a power bar wrapper, tissue or apple core, you don’t want trash accumulating in your cup holders or backseat pockets. Getting a car garbage can is one of the best ways to limit the clutter, control the waste and keep your vehicular oasis clean and enjoyable to be in. But if you don’t line that garbage can with a liner, it’s liable to get sticky, smelly and gross. For that reason, we always keep a roll of car garbage can liners in our cars.

Here are some of the best car garbage can liners for keeping the mess at bay.

1. Drive Auto Products Car Garbage Can Liner Refills

These can liner refills from Drive Auto Products are made with durable and recyclable HDPE (high-density polyethylene) that can hold up to two gallons of trash in each liner.

This 40-pack will last you a while and comes easy to dispense so you can throw it in your car and change out liners quickly when needed (although hopefully not while driving).

Use this for regular trash or recycling bins in your car without worrying that the bag itself is not recyclable.

Pros: Recyclable, durable and easy to dispense.

Cons: On the more expensive end of car garbage can liners.

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2. Teivio Small Plastic Trash Bags

Teivio’s small plastic bags are made with HDPE material that’s strong, leakproof and designed not to break, even when filled.

Use them in your car, garage, kitchen, office or anywhere that has a small garbage can in need of a liner.

These liners are 15.7” x 18” — perfect for a car garbage can and come with 55 bags per roll, the highest on our list.

Pros: Environmentally friendly, strong and durable, easy to store and transport.

Cons: Don’t tie at the top.

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3. FORID Small Clean Trash Bags

FORID’s plastic trash bags are made using HDPE, contain no smell and are thick enough to hold real garbage without tearing.

The bags are also totally see-through, so you’ll be able to easily identify what is and isn’t in there and separate recyclables and non-recyclables.

Thanks to the thick construction, these bags are also excellent at keeping smells trapped in.

Pros: Large capacity, see-through and durable material.

Cons: Bag doesn’t tighten around the top of the can.

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4. CCLINERS Small Garbage Bags

These CCLiners garbage bags are colorful and semi-transparent so you can liven up your car trash can while still being able to see what’s inside.

They’re fairly thick, resistant to puncture and come in rolls of 40 bags that are small enough to store just about anywhere. They’ve also got a star-sealed bottom that’ll keep all of your garbage secure until you’re ready to remove it.

Eliminate the mess and make it fun with these colorful, dependable trash bags.

Pros: Colorful design, semi-transparent, resistant to tearing and puncture.

Cons: More expensive than other brands.

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5. simplehuman Code B Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags

These Simplehuman bags are designed to not slip and have thick double seams to protect against ripping and tearing.

They’re made using extra-durable plastic and the pack is perforated at the opening for easy dispensing.

Pros: High-quality, double seams and thick, protective plastic.

Cons: Narrow rim only fits around small cans.

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