Here’s How To Make Like a Movie Scene and Add a Hidden GPS Tracker To Someone’s Car

gps tracker on car
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You know how in movies it’s commonplace to have someone suggest attaching a hidden “tracking device” to someone’s car? Hardly science fiction, though it might have seemed exotic back in the middle of the 20th century when spy movies and noir detective films first started using this trope.

Today though, GPS tracking is surprisingly mundane and ubiquitous. You don’t need James Bond tech, or even the batty gadgetry of Bruce Wayne, in order to track the whereabouts of your vehicle. In fact, you don’t even have to bother hacking the vehicle’s built in CANBUS systems. Which is scary if it’s not your car by the way.

Anyway, adding a GPS tracker to a car or truck is even more banal and mundane of a task than that. Turns out anybody can buy one of these dongles, they don’t require expert installation, and they are ridiculously affordable. Still very illegal to put one on someone else’s car, of course, but there’s nothing to stop you from putting one on your own car. And even if you’re name isn’t Bond or Bourne or Wick or some other snazzy action movie monosyllable, we suppose there are boring, banal reasons to put one of these gadgets on a car, too.

This best-selling GPS tracking device, from MotoSafety, is designed to not be a creepy surveillance tool, but rather a safety tool, letting you track your kids, elderly parents and others, when they hit the road. The device plugs discreetly under your car’s dashboard and, when synced with an app, monitors driving activity (using Google Maps), speed, location and more. Want to set a “geo fence” or curfew for your drivers? Set up real-time alerts for speeding, idling, off-hour use and more.

gps tracker Courtesy Amazon

There are even surprisingly poignant reasons, as the billing for this GPS tracker suggests, they can be used to add some extra safety if a driver in the family suffers from memory loss, dementia or early Alzheimers. The tracker can also be used to make sure that when your teenage kids borrow the car they’re not taking off to ride around recklessly. Even more useful for driver’s ed, this particular model lets you keep track of vehicle speed and acceleration data, so you’ll know if grandpa has been on the Cannonball 3000 or is doing donuts in your vintage Jag. And yes, you could technically use it to track a spouse or partner, but we wouldn’t want to encourage that… right?

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