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This $49 Mini Fridge Lets You Keep Your Cans Cool In Your Car

Durable and eco-friendly, and with a cool vintage-inspired design, this ingenious in-car cooler is a road trip hack that really puts cup holders to shame. While it works great at your desk or by your computer, too, and is a boon to artists and composers working long hours in a refrigerator-less lock out, the Cooluli Mini Fridge is a sleek portable beverage cooler with the crucial benefit of being able to work off your car’s 12V outlet as well as a normal household outlet. It can even run on USB power, though it defaults to “eco mode” when doing so.

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The thermoelectric system of the Cooluli means it can work as a heater as well as a cooler. It also requires no chemical refrigerant and so there’s nothing to refill over time, and it’s eco-friendly as well. It can cool in the range of 40-45 degrees F below the surrounding temp and warm things to a range of 122-144 degrees F.

Users like the convenience of the cooler, which can hold up to six cans of soda or beer. A top carrying handle lets you easily take your cooler from car to campsite, while a silent fan system keeps things chilled without disturbing your environment.

Well-reviewed with a 4.3 star rating from more than 2300 customers, this Cooluli Car Cooler is available in seven colors. Makes a great dorm room cooler and a good gift idea too.

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