Never Drop Something Between Your Car’s Seats Again Thanks to This Handy Accessory

Drop Stop Seat Filler
Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels

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That tiny space between your front seat and your center console is the hardest to reach, but somehow we always end up dropping our phones right under it. French fries, coins, old car keys—who knows what lurks between the nether regions of our seats. Fortunately, the Drop Stop has you covered.

This handy gap filler provides comprehensive coverage all around your seat. That means it covers your entire front, rear, and sides. The one-size-fits-all design is able to accommodate most car seats, and each purchase comes with a set of two, so you can add one to your front seat and passenger seat. (After all, it’s a whole lot easier to pick up lost goods under the back seats than it is up front.)

Drop Stop Seat Filler Courtesy of Amazon

Featuring a soft-yet-sturdy neoprene casing, the Drop Stop is entirely black and is designed to fit seamlessly in the background. In fact, once you’ve finished installing it, you’ll probably forget it’s even there. And unlike other seat gaps, which are either too ineffectual or end up falling apart after a few weeks, the Drop Stop is made to last.

Best of all, installation is super easy. First, you need to make your seat flat by pulling it all the way down. From there, you slip the Drop Slot around your seat belt and position it nice and snug around your car’s center console and voila! You’ll never have to worry about dropping something under your seat ever again.

Because it’s attached to your seat belt (and not just some gap filler hanging off the side of your seat), you can adjust your seat without having to worry about the Drop Stop moving around. It literally only requires a one-time setup and you can use it forever.

car seat drop stop Courtesy of Amazon

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