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Car Thefts Are Way Up Thanks to COVID-19. Protect Your Car With This $25 Steering Wheel Lock

As COVID-19 cases rose, so too did crime rates. In New York, major crime has jumped 12% in the first quarter of 2020 with nearly 2,500 more felonies in 2020 than the previous year at this time.

According to the NYPD, car thefts have been one of the largest spikes. There’s been a 65.5% increase in the first three months of the year, from 943 to 1,561 incidents. While crime overall in New York slowed at the end of March, the virus did not seem to deter car thieves.

And the trend makes sense. With so many cars sitting empty right now, car thieves are having the time of their lives.

So, since you won’t be using your car that much over the next few weeks — what can you do to protect yourself?

A steering wheel lock is a pretty safe bet, and this one from Winner International is affordable and available to purchase on Amazon. When criminals are selecting a car to target, they’re looking for easy marks. A steering wheel lock is a major deterrent in and of itself, on top of the actual security benefits provided by a second lock.

club 300 steering wheel lock

Steering Wheel Lock

A steering wheel lock attaches to your steering wheel and locks it into place, making it impossible to move and thus much more difficult for thieves to maneuver your car away from the scene of the crime.

This particular lock is designed with a twin hook system that’s tough for thieves to get through, and the universal fit works on most cars, SUVs and vans. The lock housing has been improved with added strength and all it takes is one pull for the self-locking feature to click securely into place.

It’s made of cro-moly steel that’s built to resist prying, sawing, hammering, freon gas attacks or other methods thieves might use to try to get it off.

Once this affordable steering wheel lock is in place, the only thing that’s removing it is you and your key.