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Keep Groceries Away From Cleaning Supplies With a Versatile Trunk Organizer

When buying or leasing a car, trunk size is important. New parents want to be able to fit their child’s stroller and diaper bag as well as backups of clothing and toys. Athletes and fitness fans need room for their equipment and gym bags. Frequent travelers want to ensure that their suitcases can fit comfortably into the trunk. Many jobs, like sales, real estate and teaching, require lots of trunk space to keep samples, signs and school supplies on hand. Then there’s the daily need of fitting groceries in your car. Whether you have tons of space or a compact design, trunk organizer helps to ensure your items are not crushed, broken or spilled and are easy to access.

Trunk organizers are a great way to give everything in your trunk its own dedicated spot. Wiper fluid and a first aid kits are essential to keep on hand in your car, but you don’t want them touching other items like groceries or kids’ products. For fans of tailgates, camping or picnics, having a spot to keep utensils, plates, drinks and food without them falling onto one another is essential for a successful meal. Transporting food is always tricky in a vehicle and a trunk organizer can keep hot dishes and bottles of wine or alcohol secure while en route to a dinner party.

If you have a trunk, then you need a trunk organizer. Check out some of our top picks below.

1. Drive Auto Products Car Cargo Trunk Organizer

Keep the front and back of your car organized with the Drive Auto Products Car Cargo Trunk Organizer. The organizer has three modes, including fully collapsed for easy storage, half mode, which has nine gallons of space and can be used in the front seat, or fully open, which fits 17 gallons. The organizer has straps that can be used to secure it around the front passenger seat, to car seat anchors and on hooks at the edge of the trunk. The organizer stays upright thanks to its 13 stiff base plates, which ensure it won’t lose its shape regardless of the contents. These bases, along with reinforced handles, help users easily carry their organizer when transporting goods. Users can fill the divided main compartments, as well as the eight side pockets and two big front pockets, which are ideal for holding drinks. The inner layer of the organizer is water-resistant to help contain spills and keep cars clean.

Pros: Designed for front seat and trunk, expandable options and dedicated drink holders.

Cons: The clips used to secure the organizer are somewhat flimsy.

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2. Surdoca Car Trunk Organizer

Organize your trunk without losing cargo space with the Surdoca Car Trunk Organizer. The slim organizer installs in seconds by easily securing around headrests. Using a strong Velcro backing, the Surdoca attaches to the back of the car’s seats, ensuring the organizer won’t swing. Two rows of pockets mean that riders in the backseat can access the organizer’s contents, including its drink holders. Reinforced stitching helps to extend the life of the organizer, which includes four medium-sized mesh pockets for larger items. The waterproof material makes it easy for users to wipe down messes and the Surdoca is safe for use in the washing machine.

Pros: Easy to install, space-saving design and makes items accessible for back seat riders.

Cons: The Surdoca could be improved by decreasing the number of same-sized compartments and replacing them with one large compartment for oversized items.

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3. Trunkcratepro Collapsible Portable Multi Compartments Trunk Organizer

Organize cars, SUVs, trucks and minivans using the Trunkcratepro Collapsible Portable Multi Compartments Trunk Organizer. The Trunkcratepro features a variety of pockets in various sizes, both inside the organizer and on the exterior, providing users with several storage options. The inside of the main compartment can be customized thanks to the slider feature on the adjustable dividers. Interior and exterior mesh pockets can hold drinks and small items and there’s also a dedicated bottle section for drinks. Users can use the Trunkcratepro fully extended or half-collapsed to fit in the front seat. Available in six colors, the Trunkcratepro has a non-skid bottom and reinforced side handles for easy carrying.

Pros: Variety of pocket sizes, can be used in front seat and has a non-skid bottom.

Cons: The Trunkcratepro doesn’t have straps to secure it in the front seat or the trunk and it may slide on plastic or rubber liners.

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4. Rola M.O.V.E. Rigid-Base Trunk Organizer

For a trunk organizer with a sturdy design that can fit a variety of items, try the Rola M.O.V.E. Rigid-Base Trunk Organizer. The Rola has a lower profile than the other full-sized organizers on our list, which makes it easy to reach items in the main compartments. A non-slip bottom helps to keep the organizer in place and protects against sliding during sudden stops and turns. The interior dividers are moveable, giving users the option to customize their organizer. Users can also completely remove the dividers to accommodate longer items they don’t want rolling around the trunk, like baseball bats.  Front exterior mesh pockets add storage for small items and reinforced handles create a comfortable carrying option.

Pros: Hard bottom, removable dividers in the main compartment and reinforced carrying handles.

Cons: The Rola may arrive with a strong chemical smell.

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