The Best Dog Car Seats for Every Kind of Canine in 2021

HDP Deluxe Lookout Dog Booster Car
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Driving around with your dog, whether it’s a short ride to the store or a longer road trip, can be stressful for pet owners. After all, dogs naturally want attention, and that’s not possible when you need to focus on the road, which is why we recommend the best dog car seats.

Whether your dog is high energy or gets anxious during car rides, them distracting you while driving can pose a safety hazard. It’s also dangerous for a dog to be loose in case of a sudden stop or accident, which can cause them to catapult forward or collide with the driver. Fido is most definitely a family member, and you want to take all the safety precautions as you would with a child.

When traveling with your pet, always be sure to feed them at least a couple of hours before, to avoid motion sickness. You’ll also want to schedule lots of stops and drive with the AC on if the weather is hot. Beyond that, there are useful accessories that doggie parents can use to make the ride go a lot more smoothly.

The dog car seat you need will depend on the size of your dog and its personality. Anxious dogs might prefer a cozy, bed-style dog car seat, while those who require a window view might need an elevated booster seat. Hammock-style options are also available and great for senior dogs who might hurt themselves by sliding into gaps.

With the best dog car seats, you’ll never have to wistfully look into the rear-view window and leave those heart-wrenching puppy eyes behind.


1. K&H Pet Products Buckle N’ Go Dog Car Seat


K&H Pet Products offers a dog car seat with a focus on optimal comfort and safety levels. It’s available in both small and large sizes, making it a versatile choice for all kinds of breeds. It has front and back straps that look around the headrest, with an included lead, while mesh windows provide additional airflow so your pet doesn’t get overheated. This seat is simple to install and can be folded flat for space-saving storage.

K&H Pet Products Buckle N’ Go Dog Car Seat Courtesy of Amazon

2. BOCHAO Dog Car Booster Seat


BOCHAO’s pet booster seat can accommodate pets that weigh around 40 pounds and under. It keeps your car seats clean while heightening your dog’s seat, and is resistant to bites along with the regular wear and tear that having a dog can entail. An adjustable buckle design, made from metal rather than cheap plastic ensures that your pets are safe and won’t disturb you behind the wheel. One dog mom says her Boston Terrier ”loves to ride but would not always completely relax during the ride. With this bed, she feels so safe and secure.”

BOCHAO Dog Car Booster Seat Courtesy of Amazon

3. SWIHELP Pet Car Booster Carrier Cage


Worried your smaller dog won’t be secure in a too-large bed that might collapse or not provide sufficient support? This adorable, paw-printed booster seat for dogs takes care of that, with adjustable straps that fit in all kinds of vehicles. Mesh walls circulate air, while waterproof materials allow for easy cleaning and zero stress if your pet is prone to having accidents or getting carsick on long rides. It allows doggies to sit, look out the window, or lay down and relax while remaining secure, even if you face a hard-braking situation.

SWIHELP Pet Car Booster Carrier Cage Courtesy of Amazon

4. BLOBLO Dog Bed Car Seat


Some dog car seats come in a boxier style, and certain pups that lie down for most of the ride might prefer a more bed-oriented choice. This booster seat doubles as a travel bed and comes with a little storage pocket for necessities. It’s also a good alternative if you’re traveling in cooler weather and want to keep your pet warm and cozy. This travel seat is machine washable and poses a more elegant and contemporary look in our care thanks to the colors and fabric used.

BLOBLO Dog Bed Car Seat Courtesy of Amazon

5. Snoozer Pet Products Luxury Microfiber High Back Console Dog Car Seat


This dog car seat by Snoozer Pet Products is essentially the Cadillac of car seats for larger dogs. Unlike the smaller varieties which don’t require construction that’s as durable, only one mishap with your Doberman or Husky can lead to a cheaper bed being demolished, which is why we had a higher standard of quality for this pick. With a high back and a luxury microfiber construction, this bed is available in L and XL, in understated colors like black, camel and buckskin.

Snoozer Pet Products Luxury Microfiber High Back Console Dog Car Seat Courtesy of Chewy

6. Petsfit Double-Sided Dog Car Seat with Storage Pocket


If you own a dog, you usually have a bevy of accessories on you when traveling, including a leash, toys, poop bags, and treats. That’s why Petsfit thought ahead and added a spacious storage pocket for easy organization. The larger size makes it ideal if you’re traveling with multiple pets or a bigger dog, and inside is a double-side liner made from high-quality Oxford, and compatible with dog pee pads. One side is a bit plusher, while the Oxford cloth is better for warm weather.

Petsfit Double-Sided Dog Car Seat with Storage Pocket Courtesy of Amazon

7. Pet Gear Lookout Booster Car Seat


Give your pet the most supportive lift possible with this booster seat by Pet Gear. Sold in two sizes, this seat is covered in a luxuriously soft micro-suede cover that can be removed and cleaned. It utilizes your car’s seat belt system to stop the seat from sliding around, even on the bumpiest terrain. This one also comes with a removable pillow that provides further reinforcement. If you usually add a pillow or blanket to your dog’s car setup, consider this all-in-one investment instead.

Pet Gear Lookout Booster Car Seat Courtesy of Amazon

8. Kurgo Dog Hammock Car Seat


This is somewhat of a cross between a dog car seat and a seat cover for your existing seats. It keeps the area clean while providing some support, without the bulk of a bed. The water-resistant hammock is offered in half seat and full seat coverings, closing up those pesky gaps that dogs can fall into and providing a safe compartment for dogs to snuggle up in. It also allows more space for a human backseat passenger to sit comfortably and use their seatbelt.

Kurgo Dog Hammock Car Seat Courtesy of Amazon

9. K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Seat


This versatile dog car seat is easy to quickly install or uninstall, unlike many confusing strap-filled models, which can cause a headache every time your furry friend comes on a trip. It also features a front with a downward dip, so any canine (especially seniors or those with mobility issues) can easily step in. Your pet can soak in the view while being held safely by a firm foam bolster around the edge. It also includes tethers that latch to your pet’s harness.

K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Seat Courtesy of Amazon

10. HDP Deluxe Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat


Not every car seat is built for vivacious and energetic dogs who can’s seem to sit still, and absolutely need their window time. This Deluxe Lookout Booster Seat with extra pockets is made from durable polyester and mesh. It has adjustable straps that let you pick the perfect height for your dog. The bottom is reinforced with a metal frame to prevent bottoming out, but a thick layer of high-quality padding below keeps your pet comfortable throughout the ride.

HDP Deluxe Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat Courtesy of Chewy

11. Also Consider: IOKHEIRA Dog Seat Belt Car Harness

If you don’t have space to spare or aren’t yet ready to make the leap to buying a dog car seat, consider starting off with a dog seat belt. This three-in-one harness is made from sturdy nylon fabric, with a high elastic bungee section to enable safer movement. It’s completely tangle-proof and attaches to the back of your dog’s harness with a 360-degree rotary dog seat belt connector lock, which makes your pet feel less constricted. The belt can be connected to a range of buckles, bars, straps, and more. Suitable for all dog beds.

Also Consider: IOKHEIRA Dog Seat Belt 3-in-1 Car Harness Courtesy of Amazon

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