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Don’t Take That Crap Anymore! Drop Wipes Are Here to Save Your Car’s Paint From Butt-Blasting Birds

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The crap hitting the fan is one thing. Crap hitting your car? Not cool, and actually, potentially damaging.

Yes, we literally mean crap, as in from birds. Park under the wrong tree, or just find yourself in the crosshairs of a particularly incontinent flock of feathered menaces, and your car gets the wrong end of the stick. (Yes, that end. Again, literally.) Putting aside the scatological humor for a brief moment, bird droppings are brutal on car paint. They’re highly acidic, and can wreak absolute havoc on a nice glossy finish. In fact, left unattended, the damage could reduce the value of your car, or send you into the shop for an expensive paint job.

Here’s your one-dollar solution: Drop Wipes, a combination of wet and dry disposable wipes which remove the offending stool and save your car’s finish. A box of 10 wet and 10 dry wipes will set you back just $10.95, which is a pretty great price for insuring your car against a four-figure paint job.

Drop Wipes are made from biodegradable, soft bamboo. The wet wipe attacks the bird poop by neutralizing the damaging acid, which also breaks down the dropping and makes it far more easily removed. Once the wet wipe has done its job, follow up with the dry wipe to remove whatever streaks and residue are left behind.

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Courtesy of Amazon
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Courtesy of Amazon

The individually wrapped wipe packs are small and easily stashed in your glove compartment or center console, so it’s well worth sticking a few in there for when the skies deliver a nasty surprise. They also work well on motorcycles, helmets, and boats. (Seagulls! The worst!)

The idea for Drop Wipes came about when the company’s owner saw his car reduced to a splattered bird outhouse, and instead of taking care of the poop right way he waited a week, during which time the California sun baked the droppings into his car’s paint and cracked it down to the primer, destroying it for good. Unable to find anything on the market that was a match for the bird bomb brigade and unwilling to carry a large spray bottle and rags with him for when he was hit again, he went to work researching the best solution. In 2017, Drop Wipes hit the market, and have been such a hit ever since that they are often out of stock both on Amazon and on their own site.

Drop Wipes are also great on the less-damaging but equally disgusting bug splats, and also on water spots created by either hard water or acid rain. And the all-natural, patent-pending formula is kind to your paint, as are the soft bamboo wipes themselves. Once you throw them away, they’re also biodegradable.

Birds fight dirty. Hit them back the clean and safe way with Drop Wipes.