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Bike Life: The VanMoof Electrified S Bicycle

Brothers Taco and Ties Carlier founded VanMoof with a mission to build “bikes that got people from A to B, without the fuss.” After nearly 10 years of development, the Amsterdam-based company is set to launch its signature Electrified S Bicycle.

Lightweight, Powerful & Quiet

Engineered to look and feel unlike other electric bikes, the 2-speed Electrified S weighs around 40 lbs. That’s much lighter than most electric bicycles. What’s more, its 250W motor is powerful yet quiet. It can travel up to 75 miles with a single charge. All of the technical components are hidden, meaning that the Electrified S looks and sounds like any other bike. The difference is that it’s loaded with so much more.

Anti-Theft Technology

People who use a bicycle for transportation know the risks. Aside from accidents, you always have to worry about someone stealing your ride. That’s why VanMoof outfitted the Electrified S with signature anti-theft capabilities. A tracking device on the Electrified S signals an app on your smartphone. If someone takes your bike, all you have to do is report it stolen on the app. VanMoof will help local police track it down for you.

VanMoof is currently accepting pre-orders for the Electrified S. Sign-up to get yours today.

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