The Best Garage Floor Mats Protect Your Floors from Spills, Gunk & Grime

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Keeping your garage floor clean can feel like a never-ending task. Anytime your car leaves the garage, you know it’s probably bringing back some kind of a weather-related mess. Add everyday dirt from DIY, mechanical projects and accidental spillages, and it quickly becomes clear why keeping your garage floor clear isn’t so easy. Luckily, fitting one of the best garage floor mats makes the job a whole lot simpler, and protects your floors at the same time.

Garage floor mats are a handy addition to any garage. They are an easy-to-clean, semi-permanent solution that facilitates quick and easy floor cleaning while also providing a protective barrier. That’s why accident-prone people love them. Additionally, these easily installed mats provide a number of other benefits including:

  • Hiding cracked/marked flooring – If you’re already too late to prevent your floors from getting damaged, a garage floor mat can cover up your previous errors. Not only does covering these holes and cracks make them more visually appealing, it prevents things from pooling or falling in them.
  • Providing a pleasing aesthetic – As the majority of floor mats are black, installing one in your garage gives the floor, and the whole room, a sleeker, more stylish appearance.
  • Creating an anti-slip surface – When slippery liquids or temperatures fall, garage floors can become a dangerous place. The right garage floor mat provides a grippy surface in every situation, reducing the risk of an accidental fall.

Below we have put together a list of the best garage floor mats available online. Each option can be used to protect your floor and transform your garage into a place you don’t have to fear cleaning. We’ve also included a number of more versatile options which are great for use in home gyms or being used in other rooms throughout your home. And once you get your floor all set, be sure to check out our list of the best garage lights to keep things well-lit in your future man cave.


1. Armor All Garage Floor Mat


This Armor All Garage Floor Mat ticks all the right boxes and comes backed by over 2,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users. Its durable, absorbent construction is ideal for protecting your garage floor and mopping up any accidental spills. The USA-made, charcoal-colored mat is also particularly easy to install as it is supplied with double-sided tape to hold it in place. In addition, this garage mat is available in four sizes, meaning it’s easier to find one to cover every inch of your floor.

garage floor mats armor all original Courtesy of Amazon


2. KALASONEER Oil Spill Mat


It doesn’t matter what shape your garage is, we’re confident there’s a KALASONEER Oil Spill Mat to fulfill your needs. Not only is the mat available in five different sizes, it’s also easy to cut, meaning it can be tailored to fit inside tricky, non-rectangular spaces. This mat is thick and absorbent, making it particularly well suited for soaking up both expected and unexpected spills. Furthermore, at under $20, this non-slip mat is ideal for anyone on a budget.

garage floor mats kalasoneer oil Courtesy of Amazon


3. Diamond Deck PVC Standard Car Mat


These garage floor mats from The Home Depot are a bit of a splurge, but you get what you pay for. This roll-out mat is made of heavy-duty vinyl that is embossed with an elegant diamond texture. Not only does this pattern look great, but it also provides traction so you’re less likely to slip if the mat gets wet. This durable vinyl garage mat will protect your floors from oil and gasoline, brake fluid, antifreeze, salt and even battery acid. The mat measures in at 7.5×17 feet, and you can easily cut it to the exact size that you want or divide it up to protect multiple parts of your garage.

Diamond Deck 7.5 ft. x 17 ft. Black Textured PVC Standard Car Mat Courtesy of Home Depot

4. MP Global Products Carpet Fiber Absorbent Pad


This MP Global Products Carpet Fiber Absorbent Pad is a reliable option for protecting your garage floors from dirt and liquid spills. The USA-made pad is constructed from recycled fibers with a waterproof backing to prevent liquid from passing through. Each pad measures 3×16 feet and sports a carpet-like feel for a surprising level of comfort underfoot. Plus, it’s easy to install, requiring nothing more than unrolling over the space you want to cover.

garage floor mats mp global products Courtesy of The Home Depot


5. Drymate Maintenance Mat/Oil Spill Mat


At 58×72 inches, this Drymate Maintenance Mat/Oil Spill Mat is one of the smaller options on our list, but it’s one of the best garage floor mats if you only want to cover a small area of your floor. This top-rated garage mat is made from non-toxic, environmentally-friendly reclaimed rubber and features a slip-resistant backing to hold it firmly in place. This mat is a great option if you’re looking for a soft and dry surface to work on. The versatile mat can also be cut to fit other areas, such as the back of your car, and also comes backed by more than 2,500 five-star ratings from happy Amazon users.

garage floor mats drymate maintenance Courtesy of Amazon


6. Envelor Tile Flooring Rubber Floor Mat


This Envelor Tile Flooring Rubber Floor Mat is larger than the average interlocking answer for covering your garage floor. The tile, which measures 36 by 36 inches and comes in packs of one, can be placed alongside other separately purchased tiles to cover more space by creating overlapping, near-solid joints. Furthermore, each water-resistant rubber tile has a non-slip backing to help prevent unwanted movement once in place.

garage floor mats tile interlocking Courtesy of The Home Depot


7. LINLA Premium Absorbent Oil Mat


In addition to absorbing accidental spills with its ultra-absorbent construction, this LINLA Premium Absorbent Oil Mat will protect your floors from scratches and falling dirt. The mat includes a slip-resistant, rubber backing to ensure it remains in place once fitted. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the mat is available in three different sizes and easy to cut, meaning it’s a good choice for anyone looking to cover an oddly shaped garage floor.

garage floor mats linla premium absorbent Courtesy of Amazon


8. Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring Rolls


Thanks to their tough construction and grippy surface, these rolls of Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring can be used for a range of floor-covering jobs. In addition to protecting your garage floor, they are ideal for use in home gyms, dog kennels or as general, multi-purpose flooring around the house. The diamond patterning on the surface ensures your feet won’t slip in any conditions while the range of available roll sizes lets you choose the one best suited to the space you need to fill. This is a similar option as the Diamond Deck PVC mat featured above, but at one-third the price and available via Amazon Prime.

garage floor mats rubber cal diamond plate Courtesy of Amazon


9. GarageTrac Diamond Interlocking Flooring Tile


These GarageTrac Diamond Interlocking Flooring Tiles create a slip-proof floor, which protects against any spills and drops at the same time. Thanks to their interlocking design, it’s also possible to fit these USA-made, non-toxic tiles into almost any space. Plus, each pack comes with 48 tiles, meaning you’ll also likely have spares should any take serious damage over time. Installing these tiles is also quick and simple as it requires no tools.

big floors gym garage tile Courtesy of Amazon


10. TruContain Containment Mat


This TruContain Containment Mat can deal with all kinds of weather conditions, including snow, ice, water and mud. The mat, which has received positive ratings from over 95% of Amazon users, is made from a heavy, waterproof fabric and includes 1.25-inch tall edging to contain any dirt or liquid that may drop off your vehicle. It’s also available in three sizes and requires no assembly, meaning it can be installed in or removed from your garage in a matter of seconds.

garage floor mats trucontain containment mat Courtesy of Amazon


11. Shield Family Garage Floor Mat


This lightweight garage floor mat is stronger than it looks, with multiple layers meant to protect from oils, grime and liquids the garage floor may come in contact with. Made with microfiber, it can absorb a lot, and trap all those potentially harmful liquids without the risk of leaking through.

Shield Family Garage Floor Mat Courtesy of Amazon


12. AutoFloorGuard Garage Floor Mat


This garage floor mat is all about containment, with heat-sealed watertight seams that are super absorbent and durable. With stay-put corners, it’ll stay exactly where you want it until you are ready to move it. That means your garage will remain safe and secure, and you’ll avoid unfortunate accidents that can come from slips and falls, or mats that shift from where they are placed.

AutoFloorGuard AFG7918 Black AFG MidSize Garage Floor Mat Courtesy of Amazon


13. Garage Floor Mat Premium Absorbent Oil Pad


This garage mat offers layers of protection, from top to bottom. At the upper layer is a non-woven cloth, which absorbs moisture and avoids puddles and slipping. At the bottom is waterproof non-slip TPR backing, making it a mat that is safe and secure and will last for a long time.

ITSOFT Garage Floor Mat Premium Absorbent Oil Pad Courtesy of Amazon