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5 Ways To Organize Your Car’s Glove Box

* Your glove box contains the most important information about your car
* Use these hacks to store and organize your documents
* From glove box dividers to document wallets, these tricks keep your car clean

Your glove box is probably the most important part of your car. Think about it. This little box holds your car’s registration, your insurance information, a history of repairs and more. Without that space, you would have no way to prove you owned the car or get help from your insurance company in the event of an accident.

Now think about the state of your glove compartment. Perhaps if your car is new, it’s nice and tidy. But if you’ve had your ride for a few years, it’s likely that the glove box is a mess of papers with some small bits and pieces mixed in. If you get pulled over for speeding, how long would it take you to find the documents the police ask for?

It’s time to get your glove compartment in order. With these organization hacks, your glove box will be the cleanest you’ve ever seen it. Document wallets, hanging pouches and travel cases make storing the essentials quick and easy. Pick up one or more of these today and start organizing your car’s life.

1. Sterling Essential Car Document Wallet

We all know the two most important documents in your glove compartment are your car registration and your proof of insurance. If you get pulled over or if you’re in an accident, you need to be able to locate these papers immediately. That’s where the

comes in. This handy folder has two pockets for the above mentioned documents and can be stored in either your glove box or your visor.

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2. High Road Glove Box Organizer

You use expandable files at work and to organize your home files, so why not use one in your car? This hack allows you to keep all the essential in-car documents, including your registration, insurance cards and repair info in one centralized place.

comes with pre-printed, car-related file tab inserts and two front pockets for your roadside assistance and insurance cards.

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3. AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case

Your glove box is a catch all for everything small that was once or ever will be in your car. This includes headphones, GPS units and perhaps even an MP3 player with all your favorite tunes. Prevent your glove compartment from becoming a tangled mess of cords by investing in the

. This molded EVA plastic container can hold all kinds of small electronics in its interior mesh pockets.

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4. Vehicle OCD Glove Box Organizer

For people with vehicle OCD, it doesn’t get better than

With this custom-built device, you get to divide your glove compartment into eight separate sections. This, of course, gives you a better system for organizing your gear. Keep your documents in one section and your electronics in another. However you choose to do it, this is a step up from the messy pit you have now. Keep in mind that this piece is built for Toyota, but the company makes organizers for most makes and models.

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5. Badass Moto Gear Storage Pouch

Technically, the

fits over your glove box and not inside, but it’s still worth a mention. The multi-pocket pouch hangs on any bar in your car and allows you to store anything and everything inside. The pouch itself is waterproof. Plus, it can be easily installed in seconds. Simply undo the velcro, wrap it around a part of your car and attach the pouch. This simple storage solution is great for people who simply have too much stuff that won’t even fit in their glove compartment.

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