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A Bike for the City : Harley Davidson Street 500

Kiss rush hour congestion goodbye and get yourself a Harley Davidson Street 500. HD’s newest model is built just for city dwellers. Angelinos can cut through gridlock on the 405. New Yorkers can take the sharp turns of Tribeca. Find out why the Street 500 is the best bike for urban living.

Handles Like a Street Bike, Sounds Like a Hog

A lightweight frame makes the Street 500 perfect for first time riders. Narrow handle bars make it easy to steer. A short wheel base means you can cut corners like racer and still feel the iconic rumble and roar of Harley Davidson.

Built for Crowded Conditions

Californians can cut through traffic on their bikes, but there are bound to be times when your stuck in line with all the sedan-driving dorks. The Street 500’s  Revolution X engine offers tremendous torque, but is specially designed for stop-and-go traffic.

Sleek Looks 

The best part of this bike is the visual design. It features a café-style windscreen and fork gaiters, as well as blacked out pipes. The only thing better looking will be the babes you carry on the back. Ditch the sissy bar so they hold on tight.

First Bike? Learn to Ride

If you’re thinking of spending this year’s bonus on your first Harley, sign-up for a training course.

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