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What You Need to Know About Buying a Car on Amazon

* Look up a vast number of makes and models
* Get side-by-side comparisons
* Features thousands of reviews

By 2017 most car shoppers are familiar with the idea of searching for cars online. It’s also common knowledge that you can buy almost anything on Amazon. But with Amazon Motors, you can do your vehicle shopping there too.

Here’s how to buy a car on Amazon: Search by make, model or any combination of types and features on Amazon Motors. You can not only see specs and read reviews, but you can also compare directly among different models of new and classic cars. This makes Amazon Motors one of the most streamlined ways to start your car search, especially if you are cross-shopping new and used models.

Amazon Motors aims to take the online car shopping experience into high gear, optimizing the research process and connecting you with thousands of real customer reviews. You can search for vehicle types and see comparable vehicles with a handy spreadsheet showing key information like fuel economy, safety ratings and engine specs like horsepower and torque.

You can also see what other Amazon users thought and compare reviews of different makes and models on a single page. You can even use Amazon Motors to look up information on rare, older and classic models. Ever wanted to know what real owners report as the reliability of a 1998 Toyota Supra or a 2002 BMW M3 for daily driver use? On Amazon Motors you can read reports from owners who have daily driven these cars and even taken them to the race track for HPDE (High Performance Driver Education) events.

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