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The High Pressure Cleaning Gun is Your New Must-Have Car Cleaning Accessory

* Getting your car detailed can cost upwards of $100
* These high-pressure guns let you detail your own car to professional standards
* Ideal for exteriors and interiors including fabrics, dashboards, carpets and more

If you’ve ever taken your car to have it detailed, you’ll know it’s not a particularly cheap thing to do. For an all-car work over, you might pay over $100. That’s a great deal if every part of your car is soiled and in need of cleaning. However, you know that some parts of your car are far more susceptible to getting dirty than others. For this reason, paying $100 for an everywhere clean just doesn’t make any sense. It’d be a lot easier if you could simply do the same level of cleaning as the detailers do. You would save a lot of money that way. So, let us introduce these must-have, high-pressure cleaning guns.

Each of these three cleaning guns connects directly to an air compressor to give you an effective, high pressure cleaning system. The best thing is that these devices are the very same air guns the professionals who charge you crazy money use. That means you get to enjoy the same level of cleaning as a full detail without the painful price.

The high pressure cleaning guns use advanced technology to clean both a car’s exterior and interior, including carpets, dashboards, steering wheels and more. Forget paying insane prices to have your car cleaned and start learning how to detail your car at home.

1. CARFKA High Pressure Car Cleaning Gun

The CARFKA High Pressure Car Cleaning Gun uses high pressure to get your interiors sparkling clean again. It’s ideal for leather, velvet, rubber and plastic. Plus, it delivers a finish on par with professional standard cleaners. The gun features a wide grip for maximum comfort during cleaning and also comes with a handy attachment for brushing as you go. You’ll also find this kit comes with a high-quality car wash sponge for cleaning your car’s exterior, too.

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2. KEEBO High Pressure Car Cleaning Kit


is made from premium copper for a stylish finish and long term resistance to rust. The sprayer sports a wide handle for comfort and comes with interchangeable nozzles for a range of cleaning options. The cleaning nozzle, which connects to your air compressor, can be used for either blowing air against dust-covered surfaces or spraying water for tougher dirt-filled areas. The versatile kit can be used inside or outside the car and also comes with a handy sponge for a more hands-on option. Inside your car, the kit is great for getting dashboards, shifters, steering wheels, carpets, door panels and more restored to factory fresh condition.

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3. BBNMORE Tornador Black Car Cleaning Gun

It’s certainly a pricier option, but the BBNMORE Tornador Black Car Cleaning Gun is the high-power cleaning gun the pros use. The black model boasts double the power of the Tornador classic model and includes advanced rotational technology to provide even faster and more powerful cleaning than ever before. Users also love the fact that the Tornador’s fine mist cleans surfaces and fabrics with saturating it. The much loved kit also includes a valet pro detail brush set as well as two microfiber towels.

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