5 Hacks To Keep Your Car Warm All Winter Long

how to keep car warm winter
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* Say goodbye to scraping ice off the windshield
* Keep your car toasty and your engine running properly
* Keep your hands, bum, and coffee warm all winter long

If you live in a cold climate, you know the struggles of having to deal with an ice cold car, and the upkeep required to keep your car safe and drivable in icy conditions. These five hacks will make driving this winter more comfortable, safer, and will keep your car running properly in frigid conditions.

1. Heated Car Seat Heater

The worst feeling is when it’s cold outside and you’re running to your car, but then you sit down on you cold leather car seat and feel even colder. Fortunately, we’ve found a solution for this uncomfortable scenario. This heated car seat cushion will keep your bum warm on even the coldest days. If it’s snowing outside, this seat warmer will bring you a layer of comfort with it’s wide range of temperature setting from low, medium and high- its high reaches up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Some seat heaters can be hard to set up, this one attaches to your car seat with two straps, and plugs into your cigarette lighter.

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2. Microfiber Steering Wheel Cover

It can be difficult (and dangerous) to drive with bulky gloves on. But when it’s really really cold outside, you really really don’t want to take off your gloves. This super soft steering wheel cover eliminates this problem by allowing you to drive glove-free without practically risking frost bite. This steering wheel glove is made with plush warm material that is non slip and durable.

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3. Frost Guard Winter Windshield Cover

There’s nothing worse when you’re running late than getting to your car and realizing your windshield is completely frozen over. If you park your car outside and live in a cold climate where a frozen, icy windshields are a regular problem, this windshield cover will make your winter season a little easier. This frost guard cover prevents your windshield from freezing over while protecting it from any falling icicles as well. It’s designed with weather resistant PVC lining, which makes it great to pack along for a long drive to a snowy area.

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4. Yeti Insulated To-Go Mug

Having a hot cup of coffee on an extra cold morning brings a level of comfort that’s indescribable. Transport your morning pick-me-up from your house to your next destination with this Yeti Rambler To-Go Mug. It’s sweat proof, dishwasher safe, and insulated with a double wall, which means your coffee will still be pipping hot when you get to work.

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5. Hot Hands Hand Warmer

This incredible hand warmer will quickly become a go-to bag essential, just like the chapsttick that you carry with you in your purse at all times. These disposable hand packets are made of air activated air, so they warm up as soon as they are taken outside of the packaging they come in. These warmers provide safe, natural heat, and last up to 30 minutes. This hand held packets are great for keeping your hands cozy and warm for outdoor sporting events, hiking, jogging, or just taking your dog out for a walk on a crisp morning.

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