Windows Down, Defenses Up: 5 Ways to Purify The Air In Your Car or Truck

car air purifier
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* Effective and convenient ways to improve air quality in your car
* Because cars spend so much of their time where pollution is worst
* These tools help reduce pollution, car odors, smoke and allergens

The devastating fires that recently burned over 1.6 million acres in California have made concerns about air quality big news again. Fires may be the extreme case, but air quality is still a big deal, especially near freeways. Even in coastal cities, the air within 500 feet of a freeway is generally considered “unhealthy,” and there are elevated rates of asthma and respiratory illness among people living in buildings right next to freeways.

But even if we don’t live there, many of us spend quite a lot of time within 500 feet of a freeway: on one, in fact, for much of our commute. And the air quality in cars is often subjectively bad for other reasons, ranging from cat and dog hair to the inevitable lingering odors of long-gone fast food. Here are some ways to breathe easier and purify the air in your car.

1. PURE USB Charger and Car Air Purifier

This deodorizer and air purifier also ionizes the air in your car, helping get rid of allergens, smoke particles and even microbial droplets. Plus, it can charge your mobile devices.

USB air purifier Courtesy Amazon

2. EasyCare Car Ionizer

This sci-fi looking, coffee-cup sized device is a full-on room air purifier for your car. It fits in a cup holder and reduces odors, releases negative ions (especially helpful during Santa Ana Winds) and can charge your phone, too.

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3. Autowit Mini Car Air Purifier

Designed like a cool, modern travel mug complete with a handle, this mini car air purifier filters out PM 2.5 particles (the ones which often form the dominant pollutant in cities) and reduces allergens, dust and odors.

Autowit Air Purifier Courtesy Amazon

4. Exemplife 12V Car Air Purifier

Designed to fit in the space for a typical car charger, this dual USB air purifier comes with a blue power indicator LED.

Exemplife Car Air Purifier Courtesy Amazon

5. PURGGO Activated Charcoal Air Purifier

This activated charcoal device is billed as the world’s longest lasting car air freshener. It works without using electricity and filters the air in your car even when the car is off, using the highly effective passive filtration of activated bamboo charcoal mats.

Purggo air freshener Courtesy Amazon



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