The 6 Best Hacks For Clearing Snow and Ice Off Your Car This Winter

How to Remove Ice and Snow From Your Windshield - The 6 Best Car Hacks
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* Winter weather and freezing temps mean frost and snow covered cars
* Without the correct tools, cleaning off your car can take a long time
* These 6 highly-rated hacks will help you clear your car in minutes

When the temperature drops below freezing, there are a number of things that make day-to-day life more difficult. Not only does leaving your warm, toasty bed in the mornings seem a much harder task, moving from warm inside temperatures to freezing outside ones can also play havoc on your wardrobe, too. On top of this, winter mornings often mean you must clear frost, snow and ice from your car before you can go anywhere..

Luckily, clearing your car of snow and ice doesn’t have to take an extra half an hour from your day. We’ve put together 6 of the most effective, simple and highly-rated hacks so you can learn how to get your car snow-free in no time. Whether you choose an effort-free spray or one of the many scraper/brush combos, this is one winter annoyance that need not impact your life.

1. CRC Ice-Off Spray De-Icer

If you prefer a more hands-off approach to getting ice and snow off your car, the CRC Ice-Off Spray is a great choice. This fast-acting spray melts frost, ice and snow from your car without any work involved. It won’t affect your car’s exterior and can be used all over, including on headlights, windows, handles and even locks when they are frozen shut. In addition, the spray is effective even in sub-zero temperatures, so you never need to worry about using it.

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2. Mallory USA 26-Inch Scraper Brush

This 2-in-1 brush provides everything you need to get your vehicle free from snow in minutes. It features a 26-inch long handle with a 4-inch wide scraper on one end and four rows of sturdy plush bristles on the other. The brush end makes removing heavy snow build-ups easy while the scraper blade makes clearing thick ice effortless. For your comfort, the brush also features a color foam handle.

how to remove ice from windshield mallory scraper Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Hopkins Subzero Ice Scraper

For anyone who has to fight against the most stubborn frost and ice, the Hopkins Subzero Ice Scraper is built for even the toughest of obstacles. It features a durable, 4.5-inch blade to make clearing the largest windshields a quick and easy process. And, to aid with the most ruthless ice, you’ll find an ice chipper on the other end of the 11-inch scraper. The brush also sports an oval-shaped, soft foam grip to keep your hands comfortable while you are clearing your vehicle.

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4. Better Stuff Hand Held Ice Scraper

For those people out there who are happy to step away from the conventional and try something new, we’d like to introduce the Better Stuff Hand Held Ice Scraper . It sports a far more compact design than many offerings on this list. The patent-pending design allows you to chip away ice and clear it in one clean motion. Plus, the compact yet ergonomic shape is comfortable to hold and easy to store inside your car’s glove box or side pocket.

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5. Snow Joe Broom

With over 1000 5-star reviews on Amazon, it’s safe to assume the Snow Joe Broom can help with snow and ice removal. This larger-sized broom can be put together using the interlocking extension poles for your choice of a 33 or 52-inch device. The non-abrasive foam head is great for pushing heavy, wet snow away without fear of damaging your car. On the other end of the broom, you’ll find a tough ice scraper for whenever it is required.

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6. Birdrock Home Snow Mover

Another removal device with an impressive number of 5-star reviews is the Birdrock Home Snow Mover . This stylish broom has a thick-bristle brush for quick snow removal, which can be pivoted to a number of angles for more effective snow-clearing strokes. On the other end of the brush, you’ll find a tough, plastic ice breaker with both a scraper and ice-breaking jaws. And, to maximize comfort, this snow clearer has cushioned handles and can be adjusted in length to ensure you can reach every corner of your windshield with ease.

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