7 Affordable Ways To Soup Up Your Coupe

how to upgrade car on budget
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Whether you’re looking to make the most of your new car purchase or trying to teach an old Dodge new tricks, here are 7 surprisingly affordable and easy ways to upgrade your vehicle.

Step 1: a bigger spoiler makes any car better– and if your car already has a spoiler, put another spoiler on top of it. Just kidding. Unless you need a thousand pounds of downforce for your Pike’s Peak run, please don’t install a replica of the Wright Brothers’ plane on the back of your Subaru. Here are some convenient, functional everyday upgrades that work on most cars and can really level up your commute or road trip, without going over the top.


1. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Want to keep your car clean and crumb-free after a road trip or just your habitual late night Del Taco runs? Free yourself from the unreliable, dodgy gas station vacuums with this convenient hand-held car vacuum cleaner.

Car Vacuum Cleaner Courtesy Amazon



2. Car Seat Crevasse Filler

This unique invention purports to keep you from losing things in the “car-muda triangle,” by providing an accessible floor space between the seats and the rocker sills and the center console. It doesn’t interfere with seat belts or seat recline controls, and can both keep the crevasse clean and keep you from losing things in the dark, unreachable depths of the land between the seats.

Car Seat Crevasse filler Courtesy Amazon



3. Dog Car Seat Cover

If your dog sheds and you don’t want to banish them to the hatchback, or if you drive a coupe or sedan, this car seat cover creates an upholstery-preserving, dog friendly space on your car’s backseat.

Dog Car Seat Cover Courtesy Amazon



4. Mini Backup Camera

Backup cameras are becoming increasingly standard on new cars– some even have side and top-view cameras these days. But what about applying that technology to your classic car or truck? This backup camera is easy to install and takes up minimal outside space.

Backup Camera Courtesy Amazon



5. Upgraded Backup Camera

Say your car did come with a backup camera, but, as a person of taste you can’t help but be bothered by the grainy, low quality image. Even some luxury car backup cameras seem to have the resolution of a cell phone camera from 2007. This one on the other hand comes with an industrial-grade CCD camera and includes a 7” screen that gives you a bright view of what’s behind your car or truck, day and night.

Upgraded Bakcup Camera with Screen Courtesy Amazon



6. Front Camera

Backup cameras are great and all, but what about a camera that helps you see what’s in front of your car? If you’ve ever driven a classic American sedan, this won’t seem like such a joke. This camera gives you a highly useful view when parking, of what lies in front of your car and below your own line of sight from the driver’s seat.

Front View Camera Cars and Trucks Courtesy Amazon

7. Performance Springs

When it comes to upgrading your car’s performance, a good set of summer tires are generally the best “bang for your buck,” but if you’re looking to sharpen your car’s handling no matter what tires it’s wearing, a set of high quality performance springs– not necessarily “lowering” springs– is a great choice. These Eibach springs are available for a majority of late model sedans and sporty cars, and even for some crossovers and SUVs. Eibach also offers a range of springs and suspension kits for classic cars.

Eibach Performance Springs Courtesy Amazon

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