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Up Your Street Cred With the JUCKER HAWAII Woody Board Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Brought to you by men with a dream, Jucker Hawaii Longboards are designed and built to give you that skateboard feeling in your longboard experience.

These stable mini cruisers combine the comfort of riding a longboard with the speed and agility of a skateboard. Every 22-inch, 7-ply board is built to last and displays beautiful Hawaiian inspired decals on the underside.  

Assembled with premium quality, 7-inch trucks, 60mm 80A wheels, and ABEC 9 bearings, every part comes together to create the most versatile cruiser board available on the market.

You might prefer the 22-inch shorty without a kicktail. On the other hand, you might be a person who likes the larger 26-inch model with a kicktail, which is ideal for performing all types of tricks and flips. The choice is entirely yours!

Because the employees of Jucker are committed to producing environmentally friendly products, Jucker Hawaii boards are made from Canadian maple and bamboo instead of plastic whenever possible.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to help the environment, with $3 from every PONO board sale going to the “Save Honolua Coalition.”

Costing just under $100, these boards, which are both environmentally and budget friendly, are the perfect present for skating fans. They’re also a great way to treat yourself.

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