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Be Prepared for Any Roadside Emergency by Investing in a Jump Starter With a Built-in Air Compressor

Having a well-stocked emergency kit in your car is important, but it can be hard to know what’s essential and what you can leave at home. Since cars have a limited amount of space, you can’t always keep everything you might want. That’s why it’s worth looking out for equipment that can do double duty. A jump starter with a built-in air compressor is one such piece of equipment.

These jump starters have their own power source, so you can recharge your battery without needing to flag down another driver. That makes them handy when you’re on a secluded road where someone might not drive by for hours. Plus, the air compressors allow you to refill your tires. A lot of jump starter/air compressors even have USB ports; if you can’t figure out what went wrong with your car, at least you’ll be able to keep your phone charged. These are the jump starters to get.

1. Clore Automotive Jump Starter with Air Compressor

This jump starter has a peak power of 1,100 amps. The front has a LED light so you can see what you’re doing in the dark, and there are two USB ports and one 12V port. On the back of the unit, you’ll find the air compressor, air hose, and the unit charger. The compressor and jump starter each have their own on/off switch, so you won’t be draining power you don’t need.

Pros: Cables and clamps all have their own slots for good cable management. The compressor and jump starter have their own displays to indicate pressure and volts, respectively.

Cons: Wider and more oddly shaped than the other options, potentially making storage difficult.

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2. Jump-N-Carry Jump Starter with Air Compressor

For a more powerful option from the same brand, this jump starter has 1,700 peak amps. It has an analog volt display and pressure gauge. There’s also a 12V port. One of the most helpful features is an auto-shutoff feature for the charger. When you’re recharging the unit, it will stop taking in power once the battery is full. This prevents overcharging and damaging the battery.

Pros: 1,700 peak amp, making it the most powerful option on this list.

Cons: No bonus features like USB or a flashlight.

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3. MICHELIN ML0728 Power Source

For a compact option with 1,000 peak amps and 300 crank amps, this jump starter has two USB ports, a LED work light, and even a laptop input. With this jump starter, you can not only see in the dark, pump up your tires and jump your car, but you can also even listen to music! That’s right, it comes with Bluetooth capabilities and even an AM/FM radio.

Pros: Comes with an unbelievable amount of features (including a radio!)

Cons: The pump can get pretty noisy.

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