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These $44 LED Headlights Will Help You Drive Better In The Dark

* Winter and spring weather mean wet and unpredictable driving conditions
* LED headlights project light further – letting you see more of what’s ahead
* Easy to install by yourself – no repairman needed

The unpredictable weather that comes with winter can also lead to unpredictable driving conditions. One day it’s nice out and the next, it’s raining or snowing or – worse – a slippery combination of both.

Our friends at BGR say these LED car headlights are an easy pick-up to ensure safer driving. They’re not alone – the headlight kit has a 4.5 star rating from more than 2700 online reviews. Best of all: users say installation is a breeze.

From BGR:
Those beautiful LED headlights you see on luxury cars look amazing, but there’s another reason they’re so great: safety. LED headlamps project light further, allowing you to see things much sooner while driving at night than you would with halogen bulbs. And as we all know, just a few extra milliseconds of visibility can mean the difference between a near miss and a brutal collision. What you might not know, however, is that you don’t need a $70,000 luxury car to get those awesome LED bulbs. The CougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit comes in 10 different sizes, making it compatible with any car on the road. Worried about a complex installation? Think again — just about anyone can install these stunning headlights in about 15 or 20 minutes, tops. Definitely check them out.

Here are some highlights from the product page:

HIGH POWER: Top CREE LED chips with 60W per pair. Cool White 6000K. High luminous efficacy Flux Up to 7200LM per pair. 200% brighter than your stock Halogen headlights.The latest technology to ensure a perfect beam pattern without any dark spots or foggy light.

HEAT KILLS: Whole aluminum housing 10,000 RPM Powerful TurboCool fan to ensures your LED Headlight bulbs Over 50,000 hrs of brilliant continuous light.

EASY INSTALLATION: Can be installed in 20 mins. plug and play. These bulbs are CanBUS-Ready and will work with most vehicle’s computer system without error. If you are not sure whether the right, please contact us before purchase.

LONGER LIFE: Last more than 50,000 Hours. Works underwater! Rainproof driver, housing, and fan works even in extreme situations.

WARRANTY: Buy with confidence.We offer 3 year warranty and lifetime support.

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