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Fix Your Car Like A Pro Mechanic With One Of These Creepers

If you work at a desk, then you’re probably (painfully) aware that not all chairs are created equal. Two can look the same, but the comfort level can feel like the difference between sitting on a cloud and going twelve rounds against Sonny Liston. So you can probably imagine how important it is, when working on a car, to choose a mechanic creeper that is comfortable.

A creeper is a low board with wheels, which is used by mechanics to roll under a car. If you’re working on a car for a long time, you’ll want one that isn’t too stiff. Fortunately, creepers have come a long way since the days of being a flat slab of wood with wheels on it. Creepers are now commonly designed with comfort in mind. Some are made in an ergonomic shape to comfortably conform to your back, and others have various amounts of padding to keep you cushioned.

The thing that hasn’t changed about creepers, though, is the importance of the casters. Cheap wheels can get snagged on pebbles or become misaligned. Buy a bad creeper, and you’ll spend more time fixing it than your car. Whether you’re new to fixing your car or you’re a seasoned pro, these creepers will help you get the job done.

1. Pro-LifT Foldable Z Creeper

This creeper from Pro-Lift is great because it performs multiple functions. It can be used as a traditional creeper for going under the car, or propped up to work as a mini stool. It can be securely switched between the two positions without the use of any tools. The creeper has ample cushioning, and it has a capacity of 450 pounds.

Pros: Dual functioning creeper works as a bench for sitting or creeper for lying. Well-padded.

Cons: Somewhat tall as a creeper, meaning you might need taller jack stands or to use it with larger profile vehicles.

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2. Torin Big Red Rolling Garage/Shop Creeper

This creeper from Torin is padded throughout the entire bench for long-term comfort. Like the other options on this list, it has 6 caster wheels to easily move around. An added feature is that the headrest is adjustable, so you won’t have to crane your neck while working.

Pros: Padded bench with an adjustable headrest.

Cons: Headrest isn’t the most secure, and can move around when the creeper is being moved.

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3. Pro Lift Mechanic Plastic Creeper

Although this creeper is plastic, that doesn’t mean it’s uncomfortable. It has an ergonomic curved design to support the user’s back and shoulders. The headrest has a padded cushion for added comfort, as well. Although the frame is light, it supports a maximum weight of 350 pounds. For added convenience, the bench has trays for storing essential tools.

Pros: Lightweight plastic with an ergonomic design. Has convenient storage trays for keeping tools close.

Cons: 350-pound capacity, meaning it isn’t as strong as the other Pro-Lift option.

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